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‘Pinocchio’ Review: Still Not Quite a ‘Real’ Boy

In an Italian village, the wooden puppet Pinocchio is brought to life by the Blue Fairy and seeks a life of adventure while striving to be a real boy.

6.5 Fair

‘Elvis’ Review: Baz Luhrmann Takes Care Of Business With The King

Elvis chronicles the life and career of singer and actor Elvis Presley, from his early days as a child to becoming a rock and roll star and movie star, as well as his complex relationship with his man...

7 Good

Academy Award-Nominated Sound Team Discusses ‘Greyhound’

Awards Editor Karen Peterson speaks with the Oscar-nominated Sound team behind Apple TV+ film, Greyhound.

Chadwick Boseman and Anthony Hopkins Head Up a Strong Group of Lead Actors

Karen Peterson begins an examination of the acting races with a look at the contenders for Lead Actor.

Review: Tom Hanks is the Captain Now in ‘Greyhound’ 

Daniel Rester reviews the war drama 'Greyhound,' written by and starring Tom Hanks and directed by Aaron Schneider.

6.8 Fair

Role Call: Tom Hanks’ ‘Greyhound’; Taraji P. Henson Knows ‘What Men Want’

Here are Kit Bowen's two cents on some of this week's casting news...

Sleepless in Seattle

DVRemember: Sleepless in Seattle

On June 19, 1993, I went to an early sneak preview of Sleepless in Seattle. I was a hopeless romantic teen and the premise seemed like my dream movie. I hated it, and then had to watch it become the b...

"Inferno" (2016) - Movie Review

Review: ‘Inferno’ Trapped in the Depths of Hellish Mediocrity

Matt Marshall returns to the world of Harvard symbologist, Robert Langdon in Ron Howard's latest globe-trotting apocalypse, 'Inferno.'

5 Average

Gradebook: Sully

This Gradebook is for the Clint Eastwood film, Sully The Gradebook is the ratings of newly released films by the contributors and fans of We Live Film and We Live Entertainment. If you are interested ...

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