Concert Review: Duran Duran Prove They Are Still Wild Boys at the Bowl

Kevin Taft's thoughts on Duran Duran's 2022 performance at the Hollywood Bowl.

The iconic 80s band “Duran Duran” made their final stop of their worldwide tour at the equally iconic Hollywood Bowl last weekend amidst a night of rain and a cavalcade of life-long fans!

Throughout the extended set, the pop quartet ran through all their hits and a few new tracks to the screams of fans and the dancing of many. Opening with “Wild Boys,” the ageless band let us know they were still raring and rocking to go. They continued with all of their expected energetic hits like “Hungry Like the Wolf,” their James Bond theme “A View to a Kill,” and “Notorious” with special guest Nile Rodgers. They slowed things down with the dreamy “Come Undone” before amping things back up with “Give It All Up,” ‘Friends of Mine,” and “Careless Memories.”

Suffice it to say that lead vocalist Simon Le Bon has maintained his incredible voice for all these years, and the proof was right there on stage. Powerful and energetic, the singer sounded just as good as he did when the band first appeared on the scene in the heyday of MTV. Guitarist Nick Rhodes, bassist Andy Taylor, and drummer Roger Taylor all gave 100%, just like they have for the past 40 years. Age isn’t stopping these New Wave darlings, and their fandom can certainly attest to that as they showed up in droves.

The group dedicated their hit “Ordinary World” to the victims of 9/11, especially poignant since their final show fell on the anniversary. The Brits also dedicated “Save a Prayer” to honor Queen Elizabeth II.

With 18 songs in total, including “The Reflex,” “White Lines,” Girls on Film,” and “Rio” (complete with fireworks), the band closed out the Hollywood Bowl season with joy, nostalgia, and proof that these wild boys still have it!

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