Theater Review: ‘The Sinister Soirée’ is a Delicious Showcase for Upcoming Talent

Kevin Taft reviews The Sinister Soirée, which merges the artistic talents of singers, drag queens, burlesque performers, comedians, for a fun experience.

The Cast of The Sinister Soirée, Photo Credit: Jamie Kaufman

What do you get when you merge the artistic talents of singers, drag queens, burlesque performers, comedians, and more (!) and showcase their gifts in one genre-bending, naughty, playfully menacing evening?

Why The Sinister Soirée, of course!

Cade King, Photo Credit: Jamie Kaufman

The brainchild of Cade King, the monthly cabaret is a celebration of art, freedom of expression, and diversity in its many forms. Moving around Los Angeles, the most recent show was hosted by West Hollywood’s own Bar Lubitsch and featured ten different performers, all with their own wicked style and undeniable talent.

Drag Queens were in full force, as evidenced by the hilarious Trustin St. Trustin, whose song and dance with a lamp was a giddy delight. The haunting Glitteress stalked and tantalized an enraptured audience, while Tommy came out of retirement for a hysterical musical/comedy revue.

Burlesque was one of the delectable items on the soirée menu, with the gender-bending Pionono tantalizing the crowd with their gentle and seductive moves and the statuesque Violent Delights captivating with an arousing masculine vs feminine energy.

Paige Gallagher, Photo Credit: Jamie Kaufman

Comedians Paige Gallagher, Caitlin McCormick, and Caroline Deery delighted with relatable stories that had the audience giggling up a frenzy.

And what variety show wouldn’t be complete without some tunes? Comedian Caitlin McCormick crooned, “I Put a Spell on You.” Mutli-hyphenate performer Andrew Valenzuela did a little bit of Broadway for the crowd, and singer-songwriter Baroness combined some tunes with a bit of burlesque and comedy.

We can’t forget the indomitable host, Cade King, who opened the show with his signature sinister soirée anthem.

Tommy! Photo Credit: Jamie Kaufman

The fun of King’s creation lies in the fact that it’s a terrific chance to experience and discover new artists of all types. Every show is different and features performers, both new and old. And with so many acts, if one doesn’t connect with you, the next one might! It’s a great way to check out the talent in L.A. and just sit back, relax, have a cocktail, and enjoy the joyful mischief on display.

Not only that, but if you feel like you have what it takes to be a part of the Soirée, one of Cade King’s new nights (with Ex Corpse) is Sinister Open Stage, which allows 8-10 new acts to perform. All you have to do is RSVP by securing a ticket and buy a drink to sign up! This event is every Friday, and tickets can be purchased here:

For those not wanting to be a part of the action but wanting to enjoy the show, the next The Sinister Soirée: Luck of the Irish show will be on St. Patrick’s Day! Be sure to wear something green and black, and definitely make it sinister!

Tickets can be purchased via Humanitix.

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