73rd Primetime Emmy Awards: Relive All the Moments from Tonight’s Big Show

Emmy night is here! Whether you missed the show and want to relive some of the show’s biggest moments, we’re here to deliver with a play-by-play of the 73rd Primetime Emmys, hosted by Cedric the Entertainer, with MC Lyte announcing offscreen.

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5:00 pm — The montage begins with Anthony Anderson, “What does the world need more of now?” Clips from various nominated shows.

5:01pm — Cedric the Entertainer is sitting on a couch in front of the TV. He says, “Tonight isn’t just about the things of the past year, it’s all the things we love about television.” He jumps up and cuts to the stage at the —

5:02pm — Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Cedric, LL Cool J, and the whole theater start singing “TV, You Got What I Need.” Rita Wilson rapping, Michael Douglas has no rhythm, the party is STARTED. And Cedric shouts out to Biz Markie, who passed away in July.

5:05pm — Our first presenter tonight is Seth Rogen. “Let me start by saying there are way too many of us in this little room! They said it is outdoors. It is not. Why is there a roof?” And he continues, “I went from wiping my groceries to Paul Bettany sneezing in my face.” He is here to present Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.



5:08pm — Hannah screams! “Jesus Christ on a bike!” She thanks Jason Sudeikis and then loses it again, “I’m at the Emmys!” She thanks Apple and Warner Bros and the writers. “Juno Temple!” *gestures to Emmy statuette* “I swear if I could break off one of her arms, I would give it to you because there is no Rebecca without Keeley.” She also plugs West End musicals and asks for more televised events.

5:10pm — And Yara Shahidi presents the award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.



5:13pm — “I was very specifically told I’m not allowed to swear, so –” (bleeped!) “This cast make me sick, they’re so good.” He thanks Jason, Bill, Brendan and Joe. “It has been one of the greatest honors and privileges, privileges. I just said that twice.” He gets bleeped again as only Roy Kent could!

5:14pm — DJ Reggie Watts reminds everyone that despite what Seth Rogen said, they are following ALL protocols for a very safe show.

5:18pm — Cedric the Entertainer says, “Lock the doors! We’re not leaving til we find the new host of Jeopardy!” His gold jacket is glorious! He does a run about some of the nominees. “I was confused watching WandaVision with no Wanda Sykes!”

5:21pm — And the next award is Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series, Anthology Series, or Movie.

5:24pm — Billy Porter and Michaela J Rodriguez present the award to JULIANNE NICHOLSON FOR MARE OF EASTTOWN.


5:25pm — Julianne Nicholson thanks Kate Winslet, “You’re good at acting. But it turns out you’re good at caring for a whole production.” She dedicates her award to women around the world who never give up.

5:27pm — Vanessa Lachey and Wilmer Valderama present the award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series, Anthology Series, or Movie.



5:29pm — He is immediately bleeped. “I’ve gotta thank my mom and dad for getting me out to LA. You guys were crazy for doing that, but we’re gonna drink tonight.” He thanks Kate Winslet “for being Kate Winslet!”

5:36pm — Cedric says a lot of things happened in the last year, and he was there for all of it. Cuts to a video of him at a boat rally in “Salt Lake City.”

5:37pm — Mindy Kaling presents Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series, “I’m so surprised they asked me to present this category because I am not a dramatic person. I’m just honest. Kate Winslet? That accent? She’s not British. Regé-Jean Page? Those abs are CGI.”

5:38pm — The Emmy goes to PETER MORGAN, THE CROWN. He is at a satellite event in London. He thanks his script and story editors. “I’m very proud, I’m very grateful, we’re gonna party.”

5:39pm — America Ferrera presents the award for Directing for a Drama Series. “A great drama series needs a really good script, and the actors are important. But what makes a series Emmy worthy is in the hands of the director.”

5:41pm — The Emmy goes to JESSICA HOBBS, THE CROWN. She is also in London. She thanks Peter Morgan, Netflix, “What I’d really like to say is not a lot of women have won this award and I’m standing on their shoulders. I’ve very grateful for the path they have laid.”

5:46pm — Cedric’s co-stars from The Neighborhood do a bit where they’re stuck in the back. He says, “I told you I could get you in, I didn’t say anything about seats.”

5:48pm — Stephen Colbert says he has the results from the recall of the 2018 Outstanding Comedy Series and the winner could be “The Marvelous Larry Elder.” But Mrs. Maisel survived the recall.

5:49pm — He is here to present the award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

5:50pm — The Emmy goes to GILLIAN ANDERSON FOR THE CROWN. She is also in London. She dedicates the award to Connie Fryberg, her manager of 20 years who “believed I had talent when I didn’t believe I had talent.” She literally shouts, “Connie, I love you! This is for you!”

5:51pm — Kerry Washington presents Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. Before she goes into it, she pays tribute to Michael K. Williams. “Michael, I know you’re here, because you wouldn’t miss this. Your excellence, your artistry will endure. We love you.”

5:52pm — And the Emmy winner is TOBIAS MENZIES, THE CROWN. He is not present to accept the award.

6:00pm — Daniel Dae Kim and Sophia Bush are the next presenters. Their category is Writing for a Variety Series.

6:01pm — Once again, the team from LAST WEEK TONIGHT WITH JOHN OLIVER wins. “On behalf of everyone here and not here, we want to thank everyone from LWT… And lastly, we would like to dedicate this award to Adam Driver. He knows what he did. And we know what we’d like him to do.”

6:03pm — Kaley Cuoco presents the award for Outstanding Variety Talk Series. “Those shows tuck us in at night and helped us make sense of a year that made no sense.”

6:04pm — The award goes to LAST WEEK TONIGHT WITH JOHN OLIVER. John thanks Conan for 30 years on television. “Spend some time YouTubing clips of Norm [MacDonald] and Conan because it doesn’t get funnier.”

6:06pm — The next presenter is Ken Jeong… He isn’t coming to the stage… it cuts to Jeong outside, arguing with security. “You didn’t upload the right credentials.” The gag is going a bit too long and he finally pulls the card out of his bag. The Emmy goes to SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.

6:08pm — Lorne Michaels reads a speech about how they kept things going virtually, dealing with a crazy election and the aftermath. And then he closes with a tribute. “Nobody was better than Norm MacDonald.”

6:17pm — The Roses take the stage. Dan Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Annie Murphy, and Eugene Levy are presenting Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series. Dan says, “There’s…nothing on the prompter.” Catherine suggests they open the envelope. Eugene asks, “They wouldn’t be doing this on purpose, would they?” Dan asks why anyone would want to embarass them on purpose. Catherine asks, “Eugene, did you do something?” He says he asked the writers’ room to lift the dialogue. Catherine, “And this was their response?”

6:19pm — The Emmy goes to LUCIA ANIELLO, JEN STATSKY, AND PAUL W. DOWNS FOR HACKS. “We wanted to make a show that honors anybody who never got to tell their stories, especially women…”

6:21pm — The Schitt’s Creek cast also presents Directing for a Comedy Series. “The prompter is back.” Dan, Catherine, and Annie speak in turns, then Eugene says, “They’ve taken away my lines.”

6:22pm — And the Emmy goes to LUCIA ANIELLO FOR HACKS

6:24pm — Lucia Aniello thanks Hannah Einbinder and Jean Smart for giving so much of themselves to the show. She thanks her crew and co-creator and says, “Paul, I’m in love with you which is why I married you last weekend.”

6:26pm — Cedric the Entertainer is backstage at the Vice Presidential debates with a secret operation involving a fly… This is a joke that would have worked at *last* year’s Emmys…

6:30pm — Our next presenter is Samira Wiley. “Every year we honor someone who has made an impact the past year. And then she throws it to footage of Cedric leading the No Emmy Support Group with Scott Bakula, Zoe Deschenel, Jason Alexander, Alyson Hannigan. Fred Savage is directing. Dr. Phil shows up and says, “If you want an Emmy, you gotta get yourself booked on Ted Lasso or The Crown, that’s it.”

6:35pm — Bowen Yang trots to the stage. “I need to get my 10,000 steps.” He is presenting Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.

6:37pm — And JEAN SMART WINS FOR HACKS. She gets a standing ovation, curtsies, and then says, “I want to congratulate my friends on MARE!” And then she acknowledges her late husband Richard, who passed away six months ago. She also thanks her kids for putting up with her schedule. Of Hacks, she says, “I read this script and I had to do this.” She thanks Hannah Einbinder. “Every day we go to work is a joy.”

6:40pm — Jennifer Coolidge presents the award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. The applause are deafening when she arrives onstage. “Gosh. This is such an honor, it really is. And, you know, besides all of these wonderful nominees being very funny and incredibly talented actors, they have something else in common. What is it? I want you all to know, nominees, that you have overcome the incredible handicap in this business of being men. Bravo, gentlemen, wherever you are!”



6:43pm — Jason says, “Heck of a year. I would say this show is about family, it’s about mentors and teachers, it’s about teammates. I wouldn’t be here without those things in my life.” He thanks his family, his thanks Lorne Michaels, “He left, that’s perfect. He loves watching the Emmys at home. Which home is the question?” He thanks his writers, crew, co-stars, and the Covid-crew.

6:51pm — Olympian Allyson Felix and Paralympian Jessica Long present Outstanding Reality-Competition Program.

6:52pm — RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE WINS, which makes RuPaul Charles the winningest person of color in Emmy history.

6:54pm — Frank Scherma, President of the Television Academy comes to the stage. Conan O’Brien interrupts with cheers and a salute that makes everyone laugh. Scherma introduces the Governor’s Award for Debbie Allen. Gayle King narrates a video retrospective of Allen’s life and career.

6:59pm — Debbie Allen comes to the stage and speaks about the opportunities she’s had along the way, and her desire to pass that on to others. “Thank you so much to those who understand and who have supported unconditionally everything I have tried to do for my community.” She tells the clock people to turn it off, “I’m not paying attention to that!” And she says, “Let this moment resonate with women across the world.”

7:07pm — The creator and stars of Reservation Dogs are our next presenters. They speak about how streamers make it possible to tell more Indigenous stories.

7:08pm — The Emmy for Outstanding Directing for a Limited Series, Anthology Series, or Movie goes to SCOTT FRANK FOR THE QUEEN’S GAMBIT.

7:10pm — Scott Frank accepts the award on behalf of 200 creators who worked on crafting the show. “As we all know, a film crew is a family borne out of a shotgun wedding and I’m grateful for all of you.” He also says this was nominee Moses Ingram’s first time on a set. “You could have fooled me.” He has blown way past the time limit, has told the timekeeper to stop and they are not cutting him off. When he said he was almost done, he was lying. This is ridiculous. A director not respecting direction is really something.

7:13pm — Sir Patrick Stewart presents the award for Outstanding Writing in a Limited Series, Anthology Series, or Movie. “Throughout my life, I’ve witnessed firsthand the evolution of television.” He says when he left home for drama school at 17, his parents couldn’t afford a TV. He speaks of the adaptive nature of the medium and the people who take chances.


7:16pm — A very stunned Michaela is still at her seat while Cynthia Erivo congratulates her. She is the first Black woman to win this category. The entire room is on their feet. “Write the tale that scares you, that makes you feel uncertain, that makes you feel uncomfortable.” It’s a beautiful speech and we’ll include the clip here.

7:23pm — Sarah Paulson and Beanie Feldstein present the award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series, Anthology Series, or Movie.

7:24pm — The winner is KATE WINSLET FOR MARE OF EASTTOWN. “Mom! They’re standing up!” she says in response to another ovation. “I want to thank everyone in this decade that has to be about women having each other’s backs! I love you! I support you!” She thanks Brad Ingelsby for creating an imperfect, middle-aged mother.

7:27pm — Taraji P. Henson notes that with everyone working from home, there aren’t many “Watercooler Moments” these days, but there are still moments that have everyone talking. She presents Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series, Anthology Series, or Movie.

7:28pm — EWAN MCGREGOR, HALSTON “It’s quite difficult going after you, Kate!”

7:33pm — Backstage, Cedric the Entertainer’s TV wives confront him over which is his favorite TV wife. He slips away and Niecy Nash says, “Let’s go find that boy from Bridgerton!”

7:35pm — Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross are the next presenters. She tells him to open the envelope. He opens it and says, “Divorce papers? We ain’t married!” Tracee says, “Eight years, hours a day, 5 kids, that’s a Hollywood marriage.” He says, “But we’ve got syndication!”

7:37pm — The award for Lead Actress in a Drama Series goes to OLIVIA COLMAN FOR THE CROWN. “I’d have put money on that not happening!” She says this is an extraordinary ending to an incredible journey. She wishes her dad could be here, but he passed away during Covid.


7:38pm — Catherine Zeta-Jones presents Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. “I have always believed the greatest gift an actor can receive is a tremendous variety of roles to choose from.”

7:39pm — JOSH O’CONNOR FOR THE CROWN. Billy Porter and Michaela J Rodriguez stand to applaud him. He’s so nervous and awkward. “Emma Corrin, you’re a force of nature.” And he thanks his grandparents, including his grandmother who passed away a few months ago.


7:46pm — Aidy Bryant is the next presenter. “Spooky” is one word she uses to describe a live TV event, which happens to be her category.

7:47pm — The Emmy for Variety Special Live goes to STEPHEN COLBERT’S ELECTION NIGHT 2020

7:48pm — Conan O’Brien is onstage with the winners. Colbert says, “I haven’t met some of these people before!” He thanks CBS for giving him an hour of prime time on election night. “Most of the people behind me really deserve this Emmy!” as Conan bows. He thanks Ted Lasso and Last Week Tonight for not being in this category.

7:51pm — And the next category is Variety Special (Pre-Recorded), which is presented by Amy Poehler.

7:52pm — The Emmy goes to HAMILTON.

7:54pm — Renée Elise Goldsberry accepts the award on behalf of the cast and crew, and celebrates the return of Broadway. “The curtains are going back up!”

7:55pm — Uzo Aduba introduces Leon Bridges and Jon Batiste who perform “River” for the In Memoriam segment.

8:02pm — Awkwafina is our next presenter. “This is nerve-wracking!” She presents the award for Outstanding Comedy Series…

8:03pm — The Emmy goes to TED LASSO

8:04pm — Hannah Waddingham is back on her feet and screaming again. The cast takes to the stage. Showrunner Bill Lawrence thanks his people in a list. “That’s the order I love them in.” He thanks his co-creators. “I’m eternally grateful to be included in this, but the biggest thank you is to the people who watch!”

8:05pm — Adrien Brody presents the award for Outstanding Drama Series.

8:06pm — The Emmy goes to THE CROWN. This is the first win for Netflix in this category, and the second streaming series.


8:07pm — Peter Morgan thanks Netflix, Sony, and “this lot.” He also thanks “One or two people who are not here because we start filming in a few hours.”

8:10pm — Angela Bassett is our last presenter. “Is that applause for me? Or because it’s time for the final award of the evening!”

8:11pm — The award for Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series goes to THE QUEEN’S GAMBIT.


8:12pm — Anya Taylor-Joy and Moses Ingram look like they aren’t sure what to do as everyone finally gets up and walks to the stage. Co-creator Allan Scott says, “The one thing no algorithm can predict is word of mouth. This award is for fans who told their friends.” And he tells congratulates Anya for inspiring a new generation of girls to take up chess and to reach for their dreams.

8:14pm — And that’s our show. Thank you and good night!

What were some of your favorite moments from the 73rd Primetime Emmys?

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