Faegotten by Jude Tulli, Review by Corinne Donnelly

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Faegotten by Jude Tulli, Review by Corinne Donnelly

Jude Tulli takes some bold risks in his novelette Faegotten, which lead to a unique and enjoyable reading experience. The main character, a wish fairy, transports the reader on a series of adventures as she navigates through a plethora of careers in the process of finding herself. Along the way, her quirky, often allusive, narration provides many laughs and plenty of clever wordplay.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Faegotten is the use of second-person narration. The narrator, a wish fairy, repeatedly breaks the fourth wall by addressing the reader. Her comments are often tongue-in-cheek, and her musings stream forth from spurts of random trivia to profound insights. This narrative choice creates an unusually intimate read. By the end of the novelette, the reader may even feel as if they have made a new friend.

True to form, the story is short, but sweet. It’s also simple to follow, as well as surprisingly deep. Each chapter begins with the narrator starting a new job, since her last one wasn’t a good fit. This common dilemma, especially in our day and age, provides a sense of realism to the otherwise dreamy and fantastical setting. In fact, the scenarios that the wish fairy must navigate make her seem more human than fairy. I know I found myself rooting for her as she jumped from bad fit to bad fit, as I’m sure we’ve all been there at some point in our career path.

While the narrator remains unnamed throughout the entire story, she has a strong presence on the page. As the plot moves forward, the main conflict presents itself as she deals with being constantly forgotten, despite her loud and boisterous personality. Her scatterbrained frustration amuses, but also hones in on how disconcerting being forgotten can be.

Faegotten by Jude Tulli weaves an entertaining tale filled with magic, introspection, and the horrors of job searching. At fewer than fifty pages, it also reads quickly and is appropriate for all ages. If you’re in the mood for a fun and experimental story, I recommend picking it up. Faegotten can be purchased on all Amazon Kindle devices, the Kindle app, and PC reader.

Disclaimer: I received an e-galley of this novelette from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Faegotten by Jude Tulli weaves an entertaining tale filled with magic, introspection, and the horrors of job searching.
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Corinne Donnelly is a writer, actor, and singer who currently lives in Orange County, CA. She has written poetry for various literary journals, and helped peer-edit and review the novel Eyes Open by K.L. Glanville. When she lived in Los Angeles briefly after college, she acted professionally, appearing in commercials and music videos, as well as background acted on network TV series such as Parks and Recreation, New Girl, and 90210. At its heyday, she freelanced as a writer and editor for the official fan-site of Rupert Grint, the actor who played Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies. In her free-time, Corinne loves to read, write, perform onstage, and attend midnight showings of her favorite movie series.

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