10 Reasons Close Encounters of the Third Kind Is The Best Movie In Theaters This Weekend

The Steven Spielberg classic Close Encounters of the Third Kind is back in theaters this weekend.  I was always a Spielberg fan but never got to see this in theaters before, because at the time of its release I was being born. While I’d always love to see an actual film print, the new 4K transfer is stunning and you can still see the original film grain, particularly in the sandstorm and the nighttime finale. It’s almost unfair to all the new movies still competing at the box office this weekend. They can’t top Close Encounters.

Spielberg wrote and directed his follow-up to Jaws. Roy Neary (Richard Dreyfus) and Jillian Guiler (Melinda Dillon) witness a UFO flyover in the middle of the road. They spend the rest of the movie trying to follow clues to the alien landing, despite tearing their families apart and the government trying to cover it up. Here’s why Close Encounters of the Third Kind tops any other movie you could in theaters see this weekend.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard – Roy Neary’s outbursts at his kids are funnier.

Annabelle: Creation – Pretty scary but it stands on the shoulders of Spielberg’s abduction of Barry scene.

Baby DriverClose Encounters has more memorable music.

Dunkirk – The timeline of makes sense (WWII soldiers unaged) and you can actually hear the dialogue.

Wind RiverClose Encounters shows the mountains can be home to welcoming visitors too.

Tulip FeverClose Encounter screened for press, both in 2017 and in 1977.

The Dark Tower – No CGI, all old school FX

Spider-Man: Homecoming – A much better homecoming in Close Encounters 

Logan Lucky – Neary has better luck.

The Emoji Movie – I mean, come on.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind in 4K plays for one week only and then arrives on Blu-ray, 4K Ultra on September 19.

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Fred Topel also known as Franchise Fred has been an entertainment journalist since 1999 and specializes in writing about film, television and video games. Fred has written for several outlets including About.com, CraveOnline, and Rotten Tomatoes among others. His favorite films include Toy Story 2, The Rock, Face/Off, True Lies, Labyrinth, The Big Hit, Michael Moore's The Big One, and Casablanca. We are very lucky and excited to have Fred as part of the We Live Entertainment team. Follow him on Twitter @FranchiseFred and @FredTopel

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