10 Takeaways From the Team Captain America Press Conference


Earlier in the week, I was all about Team Iron Man when it came to the special dual Captain America: Civil War press conference that Disney held back in mid-April. However, with Captain America: Civil War now in theaters, its all about #TeamCap.

While the #TeamIronMan press conference had plenty of star power, the #TeamCap press conference definitely kicked butt. Just like the Iron Man press conference instead of trying to recap the entire conference, I want to discuss 10 takeaways from the event that I felt were either really interesting or something that I didn’t know.

If you haven’t had a chance to read my takeaways article from the Team Iron Man press conference, please be sure to check that out by clicking here.

The Captain America press conference featured:

Paul Rudd – Ant-Man/Scott Lang
Anthony Mackie – Falcon/Sam Wilson
Sebastian Stan – Bucky Barnes/Winter Solider
Chris Evans – Captain America/Steve Rogers
Elizabeth Olsen – Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff
Jeremy Renner – Hawkeye/Clint Barton
Joe Russo – Director
Kevin Feige – President of Marvel Studios/Producer


10. When answering a question about the pressure of being the title character, Chris Evans responded with “there is some pressure but not as much as Marvel Studios and the Russo Brothers feel. It really falls back on the directors and their storytelling more than on me.”

9. Joe Russo believes that there is no true division of labor between him and his brother Anthony. He states that them working together is a “true collaboration.” He mentioned that the only thing tricky thing for them is deciding who gets out the chair after a take to talk to the actors.

8. According to Kevin Feige, “Captain America has always fought for the greater good instead of dedicating himself to everyone else. This movie is more focused on what Captain wants. Captain America becomes selfish and is rooted in family in this film.”

7. Joe Russo pointed out that the toughest sequence to shoot was the airport sequence because there were so many moving parts.

6. Paul Rudd stated that one of the greatest things about wearing a mask is that if you think of a great joke, you can always record a line and add it in later.


5. When asked about Scarlet Witch’s powers Elizabeth Olsen responded with “I think every superhero has a weakness and Witch is her own weakness. She could be limitless. She can flip either way because of her mind.” Olsen also pointed out that she felt like the entire film was about conflict whether personal conflict or conflict with others.

4. According to Joe and Kevin, “There were early drafts of the Civil War script where Wasp was in the film.”The main reason they decided to leave the Wasp out of this film was because they felt it “took away the fun of Wasp suiting up for the first time.” They wanted her to have her own movie and not just a moment.

3. Joe Russo believes that action is very important but has to have storytelling to it. He stated, “it takes an incredible amount of effort to make this work with the storytelling. It’s the hardest thing to do on a film like this is combined action and storytelling.

2. Paul Rudd really geeked out while on set. He mentioned that he was a huge Marvel fanboy and saw all the other films. He said that while he was on set he couldn’t believe he was part of this. “Theres that shield.” “There’s that arm.” Even when getting the suit on, he couldn’t stop. “Oh, theres iron man’s suit.” He really felt the excitement as a Marvel fan.


1.When asked about Marvel’s “problem” of everything wanting their own movie, Chris Evans responded with “The first couple years you are afraid to be part of a franchise but after a while you feel very fortunate enough to be part of it. Lets keep going.” Evans also pointed out that it’s amazing that it’s happening. They (Marvel) have a monopoly on it. They do it so well.

Have you already seen Captain America: Civil War? If so, what did you think. Are you #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan? Let us know in the comment box below. If you haven’t already be sure to check out my very detailed and non-spoiler review for Civil War. You can do so by clicking right here. Thank you for reading and check back in the next few days for the Captain America: Civil War gradebook to see what our fans thought of the film.

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