10 Worst Films of 2016

The 10 Worst Films of 2016

2016 had some pretty incredible and pretty terrible film. These are the worst of the worst that I have seen. While many of you may think that I missed a great deal of the year’s worst films, that is very possible. I tend to avoid truly terrible films, so these are the worst of the ones I had some hope for or just wants that I was forced to see.

The following are in no particular order of preference.


Una had some great potential with a great cast and a premiere at Toronto International Film Festival, but it fell completely flat for me. This is an unpopular opinion, but the more I see Rooney Mara, the less impressed I am with her. The pacing in the film is so long and drawn out that I quickly lost interest in the story and the characters. It had some potential to be extremely emotional and compelling but was so long to get there, I was more worried about the next film I was seeing than the end of this one.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

Another one of those “what did I miss” films where I am left totally confused as to why this is funny. Just generally predictable and boring and a pretty awful film. I really think they couldn’t have picked more irritating young male actors than in this film. They were over the top and annoying, with what felt like very little acting. In a way, I just think that is who those actors are in real life. It is a shame because I really like Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza but I don’t know why they take roles in films like these. They are much better than that.


As far as big budget films go, Tarzan was a pretty big flop. The film lacked engaging characters and a bizarre performance by Samuel L Jackson made Tarzan pretty intolerable. There is some pretty terrible dialogue and awkward lines that completely remove you from the film. There was a significant lack of chemistry between Tarzan and Jane. I think this is a huge problem for big budget films because they always want to get the biggest stars, but forget to focus on the chemistry between those actors. For these reasons, Tarzan is a forgettable flop of a film.

Ice Age Collison Course

Please let the Ice Age series just die. It hasn’t been good for a while and lost all the charm that once made it a fun time at the movies. Even the kids in the theater weren’t that excited. Rehashing the same characters and stories for a quick buck needs to stop. Enough already!


A parody with Andy Samberg, what could go wrong? Everything mostly because it is the same old shtick every time with him and never seems to get any funnier. I know a lot of people find him hilarious, but I don’t get it. The film was painfully unfunny and boring to watch. Terrible.


A potential for a really wonderful film with a beautiful basis turned out to be a failed attempt at an artistic film. Paterson had a lot of potential and great ideas behind it but fell flat. It is another example of a film that is way too long for its own good. The run time coupled with repetitive events made the film simple intolerable.

American Honey

A terribly long and boring film that really goes nowhere with the story or characters. No one learns or evolves or changes, rather they stay immature young adults having really no purpose. I feel like I could’ve had the same experience going out for a night in my hometown. If I wanted to see trashy young adults, I’ll go to a bar, not suffer through an almost three-hour film.

Sausage Party

Still one of the worst films of the year that is so unfunny, juvenile and just outright pathetic. I don’t even need to go into this one. Just no.


A weird one out of SXSW that had no redeemable qualities or characters. The story is awkward, sluggish at some parts and painfully boring at others. The sexual elements in this film were also way over-accentuated and exaggerated, not for much advancement or enhancing of the story itself. There are many scenes that could be cut that essentially hit you over the head to prove a point. We understand the kids drink and have sex and do whatever they want. We don’t need to see 20 minute extended versions every time.

How to be Single

One of the few times I saw a terrible movie twice and it had to be this one. My best friend wanted to see it, so being the good friend I am, we saw it a second time. The characters are very generic and one sided and really are just plain boring. Rebel Wilson played the same character she always plays and I’m getting tired of it. Dakota Johnson also lacks likeability in this film which really hurt it in the end.

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