15 Fun Facts About ‘Blade Runner 2049’

15 Fun Facts About Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 opens tonight and the film is slated to be number one at the box office this weekend. Blade Runner 2049 is the long-awaited sequel to 1982 original and has already generated a ton of positive buzz from critics. I was lucky enough to attend the press conference for the film and got to learn a lot more about the production. At the press conference, Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Robin Wright, Ana de Armas, Sylvia Hoeks, Mackenzie Davis, Dave Bautista, Denis Villeneuve, Andrew Kosove (Producer), Broderick Johnson (Producer), Cynthia Sikes Yorkin (Producer), Hampton Fancher (Screenwriter), and Michael Green (Screenwriter) shared some facts about the original as well as this new sequel.

These 15 facts are completely spoiler-free.

15. Denis Villeneuve said that the script was a big influence on his direction. He said that he used all the scripts

14. Harrison Ford was looking for an opportunity to further the audiences understanding of his character Rick Deckard. He saw potential in the story, not only for his character but the other characters from the film.

13. Denis Villeneuve had dinner with Roger Deakins to ask him to come on-board for the film. Deakins was involved very early on and worked together with him on the storyboards. He made the film with Deakins from day one which is unlike his previous collaboration with Deakins.

12. Ana de Armas said that everyday felt like the first day. She constantly felt like she had to get used to the sets in the film. Sylvia Hoeks mentioned that the sets were very overwhelming and constantly asked what the next set would look like.

11. Ryan Gosling said that story was “paramount” on set and that it gave him the confidence to play his character of K.

10. The original Blade Runner had a huge impact on director Denis Villeneuve as a teenager. He says the film was “smart Sci-Fi made for adults.”

9. Michael Green was terrified to work on Blade Runner but found the experience of working on the screenplay to be very exciting.

8.  Denis Villeneuve received Ridley Scott’s blessing to make Blade Runner 2049.  He wouldn’t have done the film without it.

7.  Ryan Gosling said working on Blade Runner 2049 was “wildly unique.” It was a love letter to the original but a unique story that was a continuation of the original.

6. Robin Wright enjoyed playing Lieutenant Joshi because she was a “bad-ass.”

5. Andrew Kosove said that they brought a lot of people back who were involved behind the scenes from the original.

4.  Sylvia Hoeks was “astonished” when she read the script. She states the character of Luv was the most fun character that she has ever played.

3. Dave Bautista didn’t realize how important his character was to the film. After he learned about the character’s role, he felt a lot of pressure playing the role but was proud to earn the part and ultimately, be apart of the film.

2. Producer Broderick Johnson spoke that the film was made up of several real sets and props rather than CGI. Villeneuve and the producers didn’t want to use CGI because they wanted the artists to have freedom to create this world.

  1. Harrison Ford believes that there is only one version of Blade Runner and that is Ridley Scott’s Final Cut.

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