News – “24” Fans Still Waiting

By Susan Shannon McCreadie

Earlier this week, while at a press conference for his new series on Fox, Kiefer Sutherland revealed that the movie version of the TV show “24”plans to begin shooting this spring. Sutherland suggested late April or early May as the timeframe to begin filming. The current script, originally penned by Billy Ray, is now being polished by Mark Bomback (“The Wolverine”,) and picks up the story of Jack Bauer 6 months after the end of the show’s last season. Originally, there had been talk of taking the shows main character to Europe, but it is unclear now what changes the new screenwriter might make.

Currently, the film seems to have no director, and Sutherland could or would not comment on whether any of the TV show’s stars would be making an appearance in the film version. Despite the long delays getting this film into production and the seeming lack of details on those to be involved, surely given today’s film market, it’s going to get made sooner or later.

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