25 Fun Facts about Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’

Doctor Strange

25 Fun Facts about Marvel’s Doctor Strange.

On Thursday, October 20, 2016, Disney and Marvel held an international press conference for the release of Doctor Strange. 

The conference was moderated by Scott Mantz and featured Benedict Cumberbatch (“Dr. Stephen Strange”), Rachel McAdams (“Christine Palmer”), Tilda Swinton (“The Ancient One”), Benedict Wong (“Wong”), Mads Mikkelsen (“Kaecilius”), Director/Co-writer Scott Derrickson, and Producer Kevin Feige. The event lasted for about 30 minutes and was very informative providing a lot of in-depth insight into the world of Doctor Strange and the future events of the MCU. 

Below are 25 fun facts from the event which will get you even more excited to see Doctor Strange which opens in theaters this Friday.

25. Doctor Strange is the 14th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

24. When it came to the visual elements of the film, nothing went too far for Derrickson or Feige. They both agreed that it was best to keep pushing the envelope further.

23. Kevin Feige wanted to push boundaries and felt Doctor Strange was the perfect opportunity to do so since the story dives into the Supernatural elements as well as other dimensions.

Doctor Strange

22. Rachel McAdams was thrilled to become part of the MCU given their film track record and the love and care exhibited within their films.

21. Benedict Wong loved reading Marvel comics as a child. He was so excited to see his childhood investment as a child become part of his adult life.

20. Mads Mikkelsen stated that he spent half of his childhood reading comic books and the other half watching Bruce Lee movies.

19. Tilda Swinton loves the fact that the film tackles ego and fear. She feels it is very relevant to today’s social climate and that people should realize that ego and fear aren’t the only options.

18. Marvel Studios and Disney moved the release date of Doctor Strange to work around Benedict Cumberbatch’s busy schedule. Cumberbatch was performing Hamlet in London when Derrickson and Feige first approached him for the role of Doctor Strange.

17. When Scott Derrickson pitched the role of Kaecilius to Mikkelsen, it only took about 10 minutes before he mentioned the Kung-Fu element of the character. At this very moment, Mikkelsen accepted the role and felt being part of this film was a childhood dream come true. 

Doctor Strange

16. Cumberbatch said that he was “giddy” when he first saw himself dressed up as Doctor Strange. The film’s costume designer, Alexandra Byrne, joked with him about having a superhero moment. “It was very special” noted Cumberbatch.

15. The hand movements that you see in Doctor Strange is called Tutting. The cast spent weeks learning the act of Tutting for the film.

14. McAdams believes that Marvel films feature the best of the best regarding the actors that they choose to be part of their superhero franchises.

13. Benedict Wong’s favorite superhero is the web-slinger himself, Spider-Man.

12. Derrickson is a big fan of new and creative elements in the visual department. This is why he pushed himself as far as he could go to be weird and unusual when it came to the visual effects found in the film.

11. Mikkelsen wanted his character, Kaecilius to have a motive that the audience could identify with. He wanted to make sure that Kaecilius was someone that knew what he was talking about. It was Mikkelsen’s goal to make sure that the character was complex.

Doctor Strange

10. Cumberbatch said that everyone that he worked with on Doctor Strange inspired him to “raise his game.” He mentioned that the people who he works with on a daily basis inspire him constantly.

9. Swinton describes that being part of the MCU is like joining the circus. The reason that it feels that way is because everyone is excited and feels as though they got their big break.

8. Derrickson has a video on his phone of Cumberbatch when they were shooting in New York. During the last day of their shoot, Cumberbatch wanted to go into a comic book store while in costume. He went into the store and bought various Doctor Strange comic books all while dressed as Doctor Strange.

7. As a child, McAdams didn’t read comic books but rather Judy Blume books. As an adult, she has become a big fan of graphic novels.

6. When asked about whether Stephen Strange was anything like Sherlock Holmes, Cumberbatch replied with “they’re slightly different.” He continued by stating that Strange isn’t an outcast like Holmes. “People like Strange and has people who look up to him, but Holmes is more of a recluse.”

5. The final action sequence in the film was the result of Derrickson thinking of what he couldn’t possibly do. He worked with the storyboard artists and visual effects team to make it work. He says that “sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t.”

Doctor Strange

4. Cumberbatch still believes that we are living life as we were in the 1960s. He believes that a lot of the same issues are going on today that were first discussed in the 60s.

3. McAdams trained with a neurosurgeon in Toronto to help her prep for the role as Christine Palmer. Despite her mother Sandra being a nurse in real life, McAdams admits that she gets queasy being around blood.

2. In the comic books, there is a story arch about the Illuminati. When I asked about this at the press conference, Feige spoke out about the topic and said that he didn’t know if the MCU will ever do a storyline focused on the Illuminati but audiences will certainly see some of those characters on-screen together in the next Avengers film.

1. Doctor Strange will return in Avengers: Infinity War on May 4, 2018.

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