3 Horror Treats to Watch on Turkey Day


Thanksgiving Day is a time when families and friends get together, kick their diets to the curb, and eat until they have to unbutton their pants. Many sit down to watch football but for those of you who don’t care about sportsball, here are a few horror treats for your Thanksgiving plate:

Ravenous movie

RAVENOUS – (1999)

A period piece set during the Mexican-American War, Ravenous follows Captain John Boyd (Guy Pearce) to Fort Spencer in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. He and seven other soldiers are visited at this remote outpost by a stranger named Colqhoun. The stranger tells a story of how their wagon train were lost in the mountains and their guide, Captain Ives, turned the group to cannibalism to avoid starvation. As you can imagine, things are not what they seem. The story gets dark, gritty, and gruesome as many die and more are eaten.

Guy Pearce puts in a great performance as Boyd, and Robert Carlyle is also fantastic. Look for David Arquette and Jeffery Jones who are fun as always. The story also works in an unexpected element that will definitely have you thinking long after the credits role. Director Antonia Bird keeps the movie moving at a steady pace and maintains a grimy atmospheric feel. The very unnerving soundtrack adds much to this delicious frontier cannibal film.


FEED – (2005)

Body image is the central theme to this extreme horror film from the director of Lawnmower Man, Brett Leonard. A cybercrime investigator fighting his own issues (played by Alex O’Loughlin) attempts to track down a man who force-feeds women to death and then posts their pictures online. The killer claims to be freeing the women from the cultural norms of thinness, but there is a darker reasoning behind his madness.  With the subject of body image being at the forefront in our culture this 10 year old film is still relevant today.

Performances in this film are disturbing to say the least. This is not an action-packed film, but the story is well paced and effective in its disturbing imagery through the use of very realistic practical effects and makeup. FEED serves up many exploitation dishes, including nudity, puking, and plenty of gore. I would recommend watching this before you have a full stomach because you may end up losing your stuffing by the end of it.


FEAST – (2005)

What initially sounds like your standard cliche horror – a group of people trapped in a building with vicious creatures outside – becomes a story that breaks the standard rules of horror and good taste. The film’s journey is unpredictable. Just when I thought I had it figured out they would go to a place I did not expect that made my jaw drop while laughing hysterically. It is a gory, funny, unapologetic wild ride that is a blast to watch with a group of friends.
Henry Rollins as a motivational speaker is especially entertaining and Jason Mewes makes the most of his scenes. I loved the design of the creatures in this film. No CGI beasts here, people in creepy monster suits are what we get, and we are thankful for it. A must see for all monster horror fans.


Those are just three of the many dishes the horror genre has to offer for you this Turkey Day. Other films include:

Poultrygeist – Musical numbers, zombies, and exploding chickens oh my. Nothing says the holidays like a song about tossing salad.

Thankskilling – A micro-budget film with a foul mouth fowl on a killing spree.

Cannibal The Musical – The humor of Matt Stone and Trey Parker mixed with the story of the Donner Party. Like Frozen, this film has a song about building a snowman but it has a slightly different ending.

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