5 Best Films of Telluride 2017

5 Best Films of Telluride 2017

This year at Telluride Film Festival was my first year. Along with a great new experience, I saw some pretty fantastic films along the way. These are the five best films (in no particular order) of the ones I saw during my time in Telluride.

The Shape of Water

Every aspect of The Shape of Water works together to create a memorable and fantastical world with rich characters and a classic story. Del Toro takes a fairy tale theme and makes it 100% for adults. The Shape of Water is visually spectacular, and a gift to the world of cinema and a beautiful must-see treat for Del Toro fans.

Lady Bird

The world which Greta Gerwig has created is realistic with relatable characters. Several moments during the film, I found myself fighting back the tears. Greta Gerwig succeeds in every way with Lady Bird, and I can’t wait to see what she does next. The story speckled with humor and emotionally charged moments is the perfect coming of age story for the everyday woman.  Reminding ourselves of our desire to leave but always remembering from where we came.

The Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour is easily one of Gary Oldman’s best performances to date and a genuinely inspirational film. Despite a two hour runtime, the film is captivating as we see the Winston Churchill’s determination in inspiring a nation to rise and fight the Fascists threatening to take over their island. The direction, writing, performing and cinematography are top-notch and woven together to form a stunning film, sure to remind us that we cannot stand down against dictators, fascists and those who threaten our way of life.

Battle of the Sexes 

Battle of the Sexes highlights a portion of the life of a truly inspirational and groundbreaking woman, Billie Jean King. Emma Stone brings her story to life and leaves the audience inspired by the determination and drive of this influential woman.

First Reformed 

The last film I thought I would like goes into places you don’t expect and is much darker than you anticipate. Ethan Hawke is haunting and takes his career to another level in First Reformed. Not for the faint of heart, First Reformed will stir something deep inside you, and you might not like that.

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