A Bad Moms Christmas Review: The Ultimate Holiday Girls’ Night Film

A Bad Moms Christmas Review: The Ultimate Holiday Girls’ Night Film

Bad Moms was a surprisingly enjoyable film for me, and I was a little leery when they announced a sequel that would also be a Christmas film. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday, so I knew I couldn’t miss A Bad Moms Christmas. The same characters are back and now tackling the craziness that is Christmas time for moms. To make matters more stressful, their moms have come to visit and therefore making the holidays a little more chaotic than expected. In all their frustration, Amy, Kiki, and Carla decide they are taking back Christmas and doing it their way. The result is a hilarious and sometimes overly crude Christmas tale that is 100% geared towards women which as a result makes the perfect girls’ night film.

Amy, Kiki, and Carla are back and better than ever. What makes these films succeed is the chemistry between the three main characters. They work well together and bounce off each other in a realistic way. The show-stealer is always Kathryn Hahn. She is hilarious, over the top, and her comedic timing is 100% spot on. She is the highlight of every scene and a total blast to watch. Her scenes with Justin Hartley are spectacularly ridiculous and funny. The new additions to the cast are a lot of fun in their ways. 

Cheryl Hines as Kiki’s mom brings a level of weirdness to the cast that is unique and gives us background on how Kiki turned out to be the little weirdo that she is. Christine Baranski as Amy’s mom is fabulous, and she plays her usual uptight stick up her ass character that she does as Leonard’s mom on The Big Bang Theory. Susan Sarandon takes on a different role where she plays this screw up of a mom who is overly sexual and never really seemed to grow up.

The addition of each of these characters enhanced our understanding and appreciation of the main characters we have come to know and love. The men in the film play second fiddle, but you have to appreciate Justin Hartley for taking a role like this and being able to laugh at himself. It is 100% different from his role on This Is Us.  

Beneath all the crazy and sometimes insane humor, there is a real heart in the story. The characters are realistic and struggle in their relationships with their mothers. The film highlights the differences in their relationships, but ultimately celebrate the differences between mother and daughter all highlighted in the spirit of Christmas.

A Bad Moms Christmas is the ultimate holiday girls night film and is laugh-out-loud funny. Be warned that amidst the Christmas spirit and mother-daughter bonding, there are striping Santas, a plethora of dick and balls jokes, and plenty of crude humor. A Bad Moms Christmas is a lot edgier than the original, so if you had a lot of fun with Bad Moms, then this holiday-themed sequel is sure to make you laugh from beginning to end.

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