A Cure for Wellness Blu Ray Release: Inside the Tank

A Cure for Wellness Blu Ray Release: Inside the Tank

20th Century Fox is getting ready for the release of the Blu-Ray and DVD for Gore Verbinski’s A Cure for Wellness. To celebrate, we were invited to a deprivation float tank at Float Lab in Westwood, CA. My excitement for the beautifully crafted film beat out my paralyzing anxiety of confined dark spaces and off I went to Float Lab.

For those who have seen the film, there is a scene where Dane DeHaan is put into a tank where horrors ensue. Not the most reassuring preface to put me in a pitch dark tank but hey, it’s really unique and creative. The Float Lab has a somewhat futuristic, minimalist design and is located in the basement of a building. Again, a great thing for scaredy cats like me. Down in the surprisingly beautifully designed basement, we were oriented to what would be happening once we were inside the tank.

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Set up and in the tank, the score for the film was playing in an entirely dark tank. There was a wonderfully magical touch to it. As I floated for an unknown amount of time, I began to be unable to tell where my body ended and the water began. The music was lulling and magical and reignited my passion for the film and the score. The score by Benjamin Wallfisch is mesmerizing and enchanting and only added to this incredible experience. The end of my journey was marked by “I Want to be Sedated” featuring Mirel Wagner, playing as I feel my whole body floating above me but below me at the same time.

Like the film, this experience was unlike any other I’ve ever had. A Cure for Wellness is a fantastic film with magic, mystery, and intrigue, much like my experience at Float Lab. You must check it out on Digital HD now and Blu-Ray & DVD on June 6th.

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