Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston on reuniting for Netflix’s Murder Mystery

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston on reuniting for Netflix’s Murder Mystery

Over this past weekend, Netflix released Murder Mystery, their latest original film starring Adam Sandler onto their streaming service in more than 100 different countries around the world. In only three days time, Netflix has reported that the film has been viewed in 30.9 million households within the first 72 hours of its release, therefore, making Murder Mystery’s opening weekend numbers the biggest in the company’s history.

On Monday, June 10, 2019, I was invited to participate in a two-day junket for Murder Mystery. The first day of that junket took place on a yacht down in Marina del Rey. Ashley Menzel and I went on a cruise where we were joined by forty other journalists to solve a murder mystery while onboard the yacht. The event was a ton of fun and I found myself deeply engaged and entertained by this unexpected mystery adventure.

Later that same day, we attended the film’s premiere in Westwood. While Sandler didn’t take to the stage to introduce the film, he did spend ample time on the red carpet chatting with journalists before sitting in the audience as Kyle Newacheck delivered a welcoming speech before unleashing his new film into the world. During Newacheck’s passionate introduction, Sandler screamed out random things making many of us in the audience laugh. You can tell just from the introduction that Newacheck, Sandler, and the rest of the cast and crew had a wonderful time making this film.

The next morning, Netflix held a press conference for the film at the Four Seasons also in Marina del Rey. The press conference was moderated by LAOFCS President Scott Mantz who ensured that everyone on the panel had the opportunity to speak about the film prior to opening it up to the members of the press for questions.

Among the many things discussed was Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler reuniting as well as their dynamic chemistry. Murder Mystery reunites the two for their first film together since Just Go With It which was released back in 2011. Here are some of the questions and answers posed to Sandler and Aniston about their experience while working together.

Scott Mantz: What’s was it like to reunite after seven or eight years after Just Go With It and work together again?

Jennifer Aniston: Actually, it was just like no time had actually passed. Because we’ve seen each other over the years. And it’s something that just comes sort of extremely naturally to us. I think just because we’ve known each other for so long. And it’s kind of what we do. So it just felt very natural. But he is a lot older now.

Adam Sandler: I did age. I did age. I saw Just Go With It  the other night. I was going to sleep and I said let me watch one of my movies tonight.

Jennifer Aniston: You put yourself to sleep?

Adam Sandler: Yeah. Peaceful. No. I sometimes will watch my movies and just put the entire family on speaker phone and go, “do you see how much I have accomplished? Now, do you like me?” But I watched Just Go With It  and I was laughing. Really. Yes. It was really funny.

Scott Mantz: Adam and Jen, when you are working together on Just Go With It and on this movie too, how do you elevate each other? Especially like the comfort level because you did work together before.

Jennifer Aniston: We also worked really hard as we were going. Every night, we would go back and sort of tweak the scenes.

Adam Sandler: Jennifer worked harder than me for sure.

Jennifer Aniston: Hey, come on. You would read what we did together.

Adam Sandler: Whatever Jennifer put together, I would say hey, way to go.

Jennifer Aniston:  Because for me, it’s really important that it’s grounded. Comedy, there’s great like balls-out comedy and then there’s a comedy when it’s this broad to find some level of truth in it in order to find the organic laugh as opposed to the bedump bump laugh. So I think that just, that kind of work as we went along really was fun and it made it better as we went.

Adam Sandler: Yeah. Nonstop.

Jennifer Aniston: Yeah. I was a pain in the ass.

Adam Sandler: You worked hard. And also, but when the cameras are rolling, all of us felt this. We did get comfortable with each other. Like day two or three, we all became pretty tight. And everybody felt comfortable with the script. Everybody felt comfortable with coming up with stuff on the day. And there was nobody in the movie that doesn’t score. Nobody in the movie that isn’t fresh and funny. This is something that doesn’t happen a lot where everybody gets a nice moment. Loads of moments. Yeah.

Scott Menzel: Jen and Adam, honestly, you two have such dynamic chemistry in this movie. You really hold the screen and sell this movie. All the rest of you are great but a lot of it falls on their shoulders. So that being said, I know you two have worked together before. What is a particular quality that you each like about one another that kind of brings you back to wanting to work together?

Adam Sandler: I think she’s incredibly funny. When we work together, I feel so relaxed. I’m like if I don’t what’s happening right now, I know Jennifer will. I feel very safe. And she’s funny as hell. And I really have a great time in every scene. We do come up with stuff.

Jennifer Aniston: It’s like a weird language that we sort of speak. I have no idea what it is. But it’s the most abstract, weird jokes. It never goes over his head.

Adam Sandler: Oh my God.

Jennifer Aniston: Everyone else, it’s over their head. But as long as I can make Adam laugh, I know that I’ve done well.

Rama Tampubolon: My favorite scene in the movie is when you get star struck by Grace Ballard. “I got kicked in the belly,” so I was wondering which other actor or star are you starstruck by to this day and why?

Adam Sandler: I still get butterflies around Jennifer. Yeah. She knows it. She knows it. I’ve met a lot of people over the years. And all of us have gotten to meet a lot of cool people.

Murder Mystery is one of Adam Sandler’s best comedies in quite some time so be sure to check the film out on Netflix. 

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