Adam Sandler and Chris Rock Reunite in ‘The Week Of’

Adam Sandler has found a great home with Netflix. His Happy Madison Productions has been churning out some fun movies for the streaming network, including Sandy Wexler. Now there’s The Week Of, which teams Sandler up with pal and SNL alum Chris Rock.

The premise looks pretty hilarious and well-suited for the comic actors. It all takes place the week of a wedding. The bride’s family is a middle-class Long Island brood, with Sandler playing the devoted dad and one of the more optimistic people on the planet. He insists on giving his daughter the best wedding he can, but it turns out, he can’t afford much, and the wedding accommodations are far from swanky. Enter the groom’s family, whose patriarch (Rock) is a wealthy surgeon and definitely used to the finer things in life.

As what I call a “calamity comedy” is wont to do, there are a series of missteps, like the roof of the Quality Lodge, where the wedding is being held, leaking from every point. When Rock’s dad sees the poor conditions, he tries to be diplomatic and offers to help, but Sandler’s character won’t hear of it. He is determined to make it work, even if that means buying over-sized bottles of booze and a huge Toblerone candy bar.

Both families end up spending the longest long week of their lives in the same house and let’s just say by the time the nuptials roll around, they are ready for it to be over. The Week Of also stars Rachel Dratch and Steve Buscemi and reunites Sandler with the former SNL writer Robert Smigel, who directs and co-wrote with Sandler. This is the fourth and final film in the first deal Sandler made with Netflix, which was renewed last year.

Check out the trailer above!

The Week Of premieres April 27 on Netflix.

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