“Adult Beginners” – Review by Clay Bloodworth

adult beginners clay review

‘Adult Beginners’ an unexpected pleasure

After thoroughly enjoying “Adult Beginners”, which I can easily say is one of the most hilarious and smart movies of the year, I’m curious to know why I had never seen Nick Kroll in any prominent film roles before (or noticed him when I did). The name alone may not mean much to you, him being an actor that has only slowly emerged into film and television over the past decade, but he’s certainly made his mark recently with his popular Comedy Central program “Kroll Show”. Bringing sketch comedy to the masses, he’s already gained a huge cult following and is sure to grow more with this new film. However, it’s not exactly what you might expect. It’s certainly very funny – with Kroll bringing the majority of the laughs – but its fair share of dramatic moments just may surprise fans of his signature over-the-top comedy.

He plays Jake, a self-absorbed entrepreneur who seems to have everything going for him until his much-talked about tech company loses its sole manufacturer the eve before its launch. With a huge amount of investor money dissipating overnight – as well as a great deal of his own – he’s forced to leave Manhattan and seek support from his sister and brother-in-law at his childhood home (them being played by Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale). We see him try to get back on his feet and rediscover his family, all the while becoming a temporary nanny to his three year-old nephew.

The writing is extremely funny and the realism of it all is spot-on, not to mention the fantastic acting from each member of the cast. Byrne and Kroll are perfect together, feeling as if they’re actual brother and sister, with some genuinely moving scenes that really blew me away. It’s an unexpected pleasure of a movie that I couldn’t recommend more, and will definitely be one of those that I’ll be happily revisiting for a long time to come. “Adult Beginners” is now playing in select theaters and available On Demand.

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