Al Pacino Shares His Thoughts on Universal’s “Scarface” Remake


by Justin Cook

While promoting his new film Danny Collins, Al Pacino spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the potential Scarface remake being planned by Universal.

On the topic, Pacino said, “Oh, it’s fine” and expressed an understanding that remakes are a major part of Hollywood today. He even said that he was considered remaking a film himself. Although he would not say which film he was referring to, he did say, “It’s about 50 years old.”

“It’s part of what we do. We remake things,” Pacino added.

1983’s Scarface, which starred Pacino as Tony Montana, is a remake itself, being based off of a 1932 movie with the same name. 1932’s Scarface starred Oscar winner Paul Muni and Ann Dvorak. The more recent Scarface film is by far the more well-known of the two, although it was initially considered a flop at the box office. In the years since it was released, Scarface has gained an enormous following of people who adore the film.

Scarface tells the story of Montana, a Cuban immigrant who takes over a drug cartel in 1980 Miami. Instead of Miami, the remake is reportedly set to take place in Los Angeles. It will also chronicle an immigrant’s rise in the criminal underworld, not a drug cartel.

Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larrain is set to direct the film with Jon Mone and Jay Palidoro overseeing the project for Universal. Also Marty Bregman, producer of 1983’s Scarface, will return to produce the remake as well.

Wednesday, the news broke that Straight Outta Compton writer Jonathan Herman would rewrite the film’s script, which is being reworked from versions penned by both David Ayer and Paul Attanasio.

Other producers on the film include Marc Shmuger via Global Produce and Scott Stuber and Dylan Clark, who are producing through Bluegrass Films.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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