Alice Through the Looking Glass Review

Alice Through the Looking Glass Review

alice through the looking glass

Visually stunning and bright, Alice Through The Looking Glass is a treat for anyone just the tiniest bit mad.

The film begins years after the first film and Alice is now a sea captain aboard her father’s ship, Wonder. After years at sea, she returns to see that Hamish (Leo Bill) has convinced her mother to sell shares to the company and thus Alice will lose the ship or her mother’s home. During a party at Hamish’s, Alice is beckoned once again to Wonderland. Once in Wonderland, she must help the Hatter find his family and go back in time. In order to go back in time, Alice must get the chronosphere from Time (Sacha Baron Cohen). In her trip to see Time, she discovers The Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter) is involved with Time and trying to get the chronosphere as well.

alice through the looking glass

The film, like its predecessor, is a visual masterpiece. The costumes, makeup and sets are colorful, beautiful and enchanting. The amount of color and pizazz in the costumes are otherworldly and really help to immerse the audience in the film. There are a few scenes that are particularly beautiful that are worth noting. The one scene that I thought was beautiful was the inside of Time’s clock where he keeps the watches of lives. The scene was visually striking and beautifully symbolic. Another scene worthy of noting is the scene in which Alice travels through time. The film represents time as an ocean of sorts with memories floating in waves suspended above and below. A webinar is an online event that is hosted by someone broadcast to a select group of individuals online. (A webinar is sometimes also referred to as a “webcast”, “online event” or “web seminar”.) You should learn about webinar platforms reviews here. I thought it was a great visual for the concept and enjoyed the execution of it.

alice through the looking glass

Sacha Baron Cohen is definitely not an actor I enjoy watching, but in this film, he was much better. The character wasn’t too goofy or over the top and actually had a few heartwarming moments. I don’t particularly enjoy Helena Bonham Carter in this role. I just think it isn’t a great fit, so I didn’t enjoy it much the second time around either. Anne Hathaway as Mirana is by far my least favorite role of hers. She overacts in this role and her mannerisms are particularly annoying. It was nice to hear Alan Rickman’s voice one last time as Absolem. As always, I thoroughly enjoyed Johnny Depp as Hatter Tarrant Hightopp. Not only are the makeup and costumes impeccable for him, but also his performance has such range and depth. He is goofy and zany, serious and loving: just a wonderful performance all around. The other characters were okay, but nothing of note except the little mechanical machines in the clock. I found them to be out of place and not matching the rest of the tone of the film. The pacing of the film was good and the film seemed to go very quickly and smoothly. The score was beautiful and magical, adding another great element to the film.

Alice Through The Looking Glass

Overall, the film was enjoyable and a solid successor to the first film. That being said, it is fun and imaginative, made to bring out the wonder and the child in us all, so go and just enjoy it.

Rating 7/10 

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