Most Anticipated Films at the 45th Telluride Film Festival 2018: A List by Ashley Menzel

Most Anticipated Films at the 45th Telluride Film Festival 2018: A List by Ashley Menzel

Telluride Film Festival is an experience unlike any other. The high altitude and high caliber films combine to make a film lovers dream. This year, we have an incredible line up of films, and that makes it very difficult to choose the most anticipated this year. Widdling it down to just a few, these are my most anticipated films of the festival:

  • ANGELS ARE MADE OF LIGHT (d. James Longley, U.S.-Denmark-Norway, 2018)

The film is described as a film which reveals the daily struggles and lives of students and teachers in a school in Kabul during the closing years of the war. I think this is going to provide great insight and perspective into the lives of another world.

  • BOY ERASED (d. Joel Edgerton, U.S., 2018)

This may be the year for Lucas Hedges with a few films headed to festivals this year, following his success in Lady Bird as well as in Manchester by the Sea. Boy Erased could be the film that makes him the break out star that I’m sure he’s destined to be. The film tells the story of the son of a preacher who is forced to participate in a gay conversion therapy group after being outed to his parents. Touching on some very emotionally charged topics, Boy Erased may well take the festival circuit by storm.

  • CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME? (d. Marielle Heller, U.S., 2018)

Melissa McCarthy is a favorite of mine, and I look forward to seeing her in a more serious role with this film. Director Marielle Heller (Diary of a Teenage Girl) is at the helm with a script written by Nicole Holofcener (Enough Said), I think we could get a refreshing film. 

  • FIRST MAN (d. Damien Chazelle, U.S., 2018)

I’m very much anticipating First Man as I am a huge sci-fi, science and history fan, but I am cautiously excited since there is so much pressure on Damien Chazelle following his success with La La Land. Ryan Gosling and Claire Foy could be magic together on film, but I’m dialing it back just in case.

  • NON FICTION (d. Olivier Assayas, France, 2018)

Olivier Assayas won me over with Personal Shopper and am intrigued by the premise of this film. Any film that addresses the triumphs and plagues of the digital age catches my attention immediately. Add Juliette Binoche on top of that, and I’m sold.

  • ROMA (d. Alfonso Cuarón, U.S.-Mexico, 2018)

Alfonso Cuarón has created some incredible cinema, and I look forward to seeing Roma, which he co-edited, co-photographed, wrote, co-produced, and directed. I would be surprised if it isn’t a cinematic masterpiece.

  • THE FAVOURITE (d. Yorgos Lanthimos, Ireland-U.K.-U.S., 2018)

Yorgos Lanthimos is hit or miss for me. I liked The Killing of a Sacred Deer but was not a fan of The Lobster so that The Favourite may be the tie-breaker for me. Set in early 18th century England, we are sure to get a vibrant environment in which the film will take place. It will be interesting to see what Lanthimos does with a period piece.

  • THE FRONT RUNNER (d. Jason Reitman, U.S., 2018)

Hugh Jackman is a treasure to me and working in combination with Reitman, J.K. Simmonds, and Vera Farmiga; I imagine we are in store for a real treat.

  • THE OLD MAN & THE GUN (d. David Lowery, U.S., 2018)

There is a standing sentiment that this film will get Robert Redford his long overdue Oscar with his final performance. Of course, it is a must see!


Taking a look back at the history of our country during Watergate and dealing with Presidents who may be out of their minds and out of control, Charles Ferguson’s new film is sure to make some very relevant commentary on our current political situation and perhaps what we can do not to repeat our past.

  • WHITE BOY RICK (d. Yann Demange, U.S., 2018)

In 1980’s Detroit, White Boy Rick tells the story of Ricky Wershe, a key FBI informant and the tangled life he leads with father, Willy (Matthew McConaughey.

Telluride Film Festival celebrates its 45th year and has a stellar lineup to kick the festival off right. Check back for continuing reviews and coverage of the films and activities at the 45th Annual Telluride Film Festival.

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