Beanie Feldstein and Lucas Hedges talk “Lady Bird” and their careers so far.

Beanie Feldstein and Lucas Hedges talk Lady Bird and their careers so far. 

I saw Lady Bird at Telluride and loved it. It was one of my favorite films to play at the festival. A few weeks ago, I was presented with an opportunity to see the film again before participating in the Lady Bird press day. To my surprise, the film was even better the second time around. I got a chance to talk with Greta Gerwig and Saoirse Ronan as well as Beanie Feldstein and Lucas Hedges about the film. This is my interview with Beanie and Lucas but if you missed it, you can read my exclusive interview with Gerwig and Ronan right here:  Greta Gerwig and Saoirse Ronan discuss ‘Lady Bird’

Scott Menzel: Congratulations on this film.

Beanie Feldstein: Thank you.

Scott Menzel: I absolutely loved it. I saw it twice already. I can’t wait to see it a third time. What was it like working with Greta Gerwig and acting alongside Saoirse Ronan?

Beanie Feldstein: Incredible.

Lucas Hedges: Incredible.

Beanie Feldstein: A dream. I’ve admired Greta for so long and I’ve admired Saoirse for so long. I saw Brooklyn so many times and then when I got cast I was like, “you’re cut off.”

Lucas Hedges: I watched it again.

Beanie Feldstein: I was just, “you’re cut off!” I really think that Saoirse is the most exceptional actress of our generation, of our age, and so for me to be so new to working professionally, I just saw it as an opportunity to learn from these women that I just admire and respect and I think are the best at what they do. And then not only to be doing that but to be doing it in this story that was so special and so uniquely told. It was like the greatest gift of my life. Truly.

Lucas Hedges: Yeah and I grew up watching Saoirse and movies, I grew up with a big crush on Saoirse and she’s one of those people that when I first met her I was like, “Huh, you shouldn’t be real … You shouldn’t be on this planet because I thought that I’d  associated her with a far-off place.  And I feel similarly about Greta, I mean, she’s one of the young, already auteur filmmakers. I don’t know if there is another person certainly not a female filmmaker like her… I mean she’s like this amazing young female filmmaker. I think there are probably some others. But, yeah, it’s one of those opportunities that I am going to look back at this in seventy years and be like, “okay, that was something special”

Beanie Feldstein: There’s a moment when we were shooting the homecoming dance and Lucas and I were sitting, sort of like this, drinking water and taking a moment because we had been dancing so much and Lucas was sort of like staring off into space and he was like, “We’re in Greta Gerwig’s first movie.”

Lucas Hedges: Yeah.

Beanie Feldstein: It was quiet moment between just the two of us and I was like, “I know.” And he was like, “She’s gonna make so many and they’re gonna be so good and we’re in her first one.” It felt like weighty and this very special, like, we were invited to this thing that we couldn’t believe we were at …

Scott Menzel: Everything. I mean no scene goes on too long. It’s perfectly edited together. The amount of screen time both of you get, no one is stealing the show from someone else, everyone’s role is like perfectly balanced. It’s just amazing.

Lucas Hedges: Yeah.

Scott Menzel: So, you were in Neighbors 2 before this.

Beanie Feldstein: Yes.

Scott Menzel: And that was like your first really big thing.

BeanieFeldstein: Yes.

Scott Menzel: And I mean, this guy. This guy had Manchester by the Sea. You’re are in Three Billboards. Another amazing movie and this one, how do you react to being so early in your careers and getting this type of material?

Beanie Feldstein: It feels surreal. I feel like, when I think about the timeline of my life, there’s like pre-Lady Bird and post-Lady Bird. It really did feel like I was walking and Greta and Scott, our producer, opened a door and they were like, “Actually, you’re gonna turn this way.” And it was just like sunshine and rainbows and I was like “What! Are you sure?” It just has changed my life, in so many ways, and it specifically led me to what I’m doing now, which is Hello, Dolly! on Broadway. So, it got me that.

Lucas Hedges: Yes, she got it while we were on set. I remember that day.

Scott Menzel: That’s freaking awesome.

Beanie Feldstein: Because of this film and I sing in the film and so … Yeah.

Lucas Hedges: I feel totally undeserving of all of this. It’s like it’s too special, simply too special. But, when I’m not absorbed by the fact that I feel undeserving of it, I feel really happy about all of it! Like, yesterday we were at the Q & A and I was just looking at everyone and … It’s crazy, it’s just crazy man. It’s really crazy.

Scott Menzel: Awesome. Well, congratulations once again.

Beanie Feldstein: Thank you.

Scott Menzel: Both of you are just terrific and I can’t wait to see where your career goes next.

Beanie Feldstein: Thank you so much.

Lucas Hedges: Thank you.

Lady Bird is now playing in theaters everywhere. 

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