Blu-ray Tuesday: “Little Mermaid” Splashes Out of Disney Vault – by Matt Marshall

The Little Mermaid

by Matt Marshall

Just like with Peter Pan this past February, Disney has built up a reputation for releasing one of its animated classics out its vault around this time of the year. With Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King briefly out of the vault, the cycle has finally reached The Little Mermaid. But Ariel and company aren’t the only ones coming to Blu-ray this week. Joining them are: The Croods, This is the End and The Wizard of Oz.

Released in 1989, The Little Mermaid is the tale of the mermaid princess Ariel who dreams of becoming human. Thanks to the magic of devious sea witch, her dream is fulfilled, but at a great cost – her voice.

After several years in moratorium, The Little Mermaid: Diamond Edition splashes onto shelves this Tuesday from Buena Vista Home Entertainment in three versions and various retailer exclusives. The standard version available is a two-disc Blu-ray, DVD combo pack. Disney is also releasing a Blu-ray, DVD, Digital Copy combo pack  as well as 3D version including music. A DVD-only version of The Little Mermaid will not be available until November.

Walmart, Target and Best Buy are all offering exclusives for The Little Mermaid: Diamond Edition. Walmart’s standard version includes a $8 ticket to Disney’s upcoming animated film Frozen. Like previous Disney releases, Target will be releasing The Little Mermaid in digibook packaging. Best Buy’s exclusive is an empty lunchbox.

DreamWorks animated hit, The Croods is also scheduled for release this week. In The Croods, a family of cavemen take the first road trip in history alongside fast-talking Guy (Ryan Reynolds) who clashes with their overprotective father (Nicholas Cage). The Croods is available as a Blu-ray, DVD, UltraViolet combo pack as well as a 3D version with the same features. The alternate standard version includes a Belt plush. Best Buy is the only retailer releasing the 3D version with Belt plush.

This is the End arrives on Blu-ray from Sony Pictures in various formats. This is the End stars Seth Rogen and Emma Watson surviving a catastrophic comedy. A Blu-ray, DVD, UltraViolet combo pack is the standard version in release. Best Buy’s exclusive includes a bonus disc, while Target’s features a bottle opener.

Finally this week, The Wizard of Oz is celebrating its 75th anniversary with a re-release on Blu-ray after a short run in IMAX. Warner Bros. is releasing various versions of the 1939 classic including a single-disc version, a Blu-Ray 3D, Blu-ray and UltraViolet combo pack and five-disc gift set. Best Buy is offering a collectible case for the 3D version.


Matt Marshall is a YouTube movie reviewer who hosts MNMreviews. He has a B.A. in Communications/Journalism from St. John Fisher College and resides in Rochester, NY.

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