Box Office Preview: “Days of Future Past” Suits Up for Holiday Return

"X-Men: Days of Future Past" (2014) - Box Office Preview (We Live Film)

X-Men: Days of Future Past Challenges Last Stand Opening

by Matt Marshall

The X-Men franchise has had it box office ups and down over the past 14 years. In 2006, the series financially (not critically) peaked with X-Men:  The Last Stand. The third installment pulled in $102 million on Memorial Day weekend. Now, eight years and four films later, the mutants get another shot at cracking the franchise record.

In the latest film,X-Men: Days of Future Past combines the cast of the original trilogy with that of 2011 X-Men: First Class. Set far beyond the events of The Last Stand and last year’s The Wolverine, the X-Men are losing the war to the Sentinels. In a last ditch effort, Hugh Jackman’s clawed anti-hero Wolverine is sent back in time to 1973 to rewrite history.

X-Men is longest-running superhero franchise currently in development. Since 2000, all 6 films have pulled in over $50 million. Days of Future Past will certainly join its six predecessors Sunday with plenty more added to its bank. Positive reviews from X-Men: First Class and The Wolverine have rebounded the franchise from its The Last Stand and Origins days.

Plus many of the stars of First Class are greater acclaimed actors than they were back in 2011. Michael Fassbender, who plays Magneto has become a household name, especially due to his role in last year’s Best Picture winner 12 Years a Slave. The same can be said about Jennifer Lawrence, best known from her lead role in The Hunger Games. The star power of this franchise has grown plus with Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, Halle Berry and Patrick Stewart returns, Days of Future Past will be massive.

X-Men: Days of Future Past is due out Thursday night starting at 10 p.m. in 2D, 3D and IMAX in over 3,900 theaters. Positive reviews and great anticipation should push the 3-day number over $100 million. By the end of Memorial Day, Days of Future Past could wind up with $125 million.

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Adam Sandler’s latest comedy Blended is the lone wide release going up against the superhero juggernaut. Sander reunites with Drew Barrymore for the first time since 2004’s 50 First Dates, which was a decent hit.

Since then, Sandler has had a long list of financial and critical misses. Jack and Jill and That’s My Boy both underperformed. But he’s been having luck with both Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2.

In Blended, Sandler and Barrymore are at odds with one another. As luck would have it, both their families end up at the same resort in Africa. The two are forced to co-exist.

With X-Men being the hot ticket this weekend, Blended is expected to open a distant third behind that and Godzilla. Blended is set to open Thursday night starting at 7 p.m. By Sunday, the Sandler comedy should open to nearly $22 million.

Box Office Projections

1. X-Men: Days of Future Past (20th Century Fox) – $100.5 million (NR)

2. Godzilla (Warner Bros.) – $44.3 million (1)

3. Blended (Warner Bros.) – $21.5 million (NR)

4. Neighbors (Universal) – $15.5 million (2)

5. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Sony Pictures) – $9.4 million (3)


Matt Marshall is a YouTube movie reviewer who hosts MNMreviews. He has a B.A. in Communications/Journalism from St. John Fisher College and resides in Rochester, NY.

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