“Boy Wonder” (2010) – Review by Cody Dollarhide

Boy Wonder (2010) Review

by Cody Dollarhide

                Boy Wonder is based in the lower class areas of Brooklyn and follows the story of a young adult struggling to find closure after the murder of his mother. She died in front of his eyes at the hands of a carjacker 10 years before the movie is based, and during the time of her death, his father was an abusive drunk. After the accident, it is implied that the main character’s father, played by Bill Sage, cleans his life up and begins to raise Sean the best way he can. Sean Donovan, portrayed by Caleb Steinmeyer, blames himself for not being capable of protecting his mother at such a young age, and develops a complex for damsels in distress. Because of this complex, he deals out his own form of vigilante justice and uses his mixed martial arts experience to beat the living crap out of thugs who are threatening women of all shapes and sizes. Chuck Cooper plays a local homicide detective that kind of looks after Sean, and Zulay Henao plays the new detective on the force that looks into the murders that Sean is committing throughout the movie.

This movie was amazing for a random Netflix find. It seemed pretty low-budget, but it kept me at the edge of my seat. The writers did a great job connecting the viewer with Sean and there is a really powerful scene towards the end that brought me to tears. I also really enjoyed that the detective, who would normally be the good guy, is technically the antagonist of the movie. The last ten seconds I didn’t see coming and that is really rare for me. I am giving it a 4.5 out of 5.

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