Casino Royale – One of the Best James Bond Movies

Casino Royale: One of the Best James Bond Movies


The movie Casino Royale is definitely one of the best action-packed movies ever acted in the casinos. For the first time, this movie made James Bond character touchable after a very long time of knowing Bond as a superhuman that obviously had powers to do extra-ordinary things. For the first time, he could bleed because he was human. And this made the movie take an interesting angle from the James Bond franchise that fans were used to watching. All these elements make Casino Royale a good movie, overall. Don’t you think so?

The theme of the movie Casino Royale

The script was written by someone named Ian Fleming. He did this writing at a time when he was just about to get married in the Bahamas to his long time sweetheart. Casino Royale was sort of a tribute to the Bohemian bachelor life which he was regrettably leaving behind.

The theme of the movie is based on this life. Bond actually falls in love with a character named Vesper. This caused him to leave Mi6 in order to spend his entire life with Vesper. This part requires the audience of this movie to fall in love with this girl just the same way Bond did. Otherwise, that period of 20 minutes when the two are doing nothing but going around Venice would surely kill the momentum.

The good news, however, is that these two characters were handled properly, and this made them interesting to watch. In fact, one even feels like they would spend the entire length of time watching the two lovebirds having fun around Venice, and this would not induce the slightest boredom.

But it appears that this marriage momentarily separated Bond from everything else he cared about. This only lasted for the period in which they were in love since his trust was ultimately shuttered in the worst possible way you could imagine.

This made Bond transform into a blood-sucking bastard. He developed a cold-heart, and for the first time, he was able to transform into a superhero so to speak. Unfortunately, the Bond franchise is characterized by sadness that grieves Bond after losing a wife that was so dear to him.

Shortly after this, a character named M (Judi Dench) asked him if he still trusted anyone. Bond replied that he didn’t. This was quickly followed by a complement or moral of the story when Judi Dench commented that Bond had learned his lesson.

Casino themed movie

The name Casino Royale is a true reflection of what this movie is about. From the title itself, one can anticipate the theme since the bulky part of this movie is acted inside a casino. Lovers of this movie will actually look for its slot machine version on Red Flush Online Casino if they haven’t played it yet. This is the closest game you can ever play on Red Flush online casino which resembles the theme of the movie. However, if you didn’t enjoy it, then you still have the freedom to choose your favorite slot machines since there are hundreds of slot machine themes to sample.

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