“Celeste and Jesse Forever” Review by Ashley Menzel



Celeste and Jesse played by Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg are a couple that, at the opening of the film, seem to be a wonderful and happy couple. In actuality, they are divorcing. Through a series of awkward moments and dating, Jesse impregnates another woman, forcing Celeste to face losing him and realizing that her overbearing perfectionist self has finally cost her the love of her life. Now she must face the world and her life in a very scary position: alone.

I loved Rashida’s character because it is a very personal character for me. I felt a deep connection to the character because I possess a few of those qualities. This character, however will reach across to anyone who fears living his or her life alone. Celeste goes through a few moments of self-discovering. Her character teaches the audience a wonderful lesson that I feel society has forgotten to show. She teaches us that, yes there is a time where you need to remember who you are and what you lost and move on from there.

Jesse, played by Samberg is a tragic character who you pity at first, but it becomes to be too much. He’s too sensitive and too predictable. I don’t know if I quite believe Samberg as this character. There are a few moments in which he is allowed to be goofy, but I just can’t believe him in this role.

Overall, I enjoyed this film and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a realistic take on a modern story.


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