Review: “Central Intelligence” is a buddy comedy blast!

“Central Intelligence” is a buddy comedy blast!


Occasionally, there are movies that the studios don’t really screen for critics and we don’t understand why. This happens to be one of those films. I absolutely loved this film and thought it was a ton of fun!

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are two of my favorite comedic actors of all time. Their down to earth personalities and passion for their fans make them even more lovable. When I was told they were going to be in a film together, I think I just about melted. Kevin Hart plays Calvin Joyner, the former High School star voted “Most Likely to Succeed.” With his class reunion looming and not feeling like he lived up to his potential, he is feeling very down and tells his wife, Maggie (Danielle Nicolet) that he isn’t going to the reunion. While at work the next day, he receives a rather strange Facebook friend request from a Bob Stone. Almost immediately he is contacted by his new friend to meet up for drinks. When inquiring who Bob is, he finds out that it is Robbie Weirdicht (Dwayne Johnson), the fat kid who was teased and thrown into the pep rally naked. 


Calvin agrees to meet with Bob at a bar where he finds out Robbie isn’t that same chubby weird kid anymore. He has grown into a big strong strange man. A disagreement occurs between Calvin and a few men at the bar and Bob shows his super spy skills and beats them up. As they return to Calvin’s house, Bob asks him for a favor. He wants Calvin to look at some banking stuff that has gotten messed up. Calvin realizes that this is international banking isn’t bank accounts but rather auction bids for illegal goods that Bob might be involved in. In a series of crazy events, Calvin ends up as an enemy of the CIA, running alongside Bob, and is forced to decide whether to trust his friend from high school or the CIA.

The film, as I mentioned before is a great deal of fun. It reminds me of those old buddy comedies from the 90s and has a great cast. Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart have incredibly chemistry and are so funny together. The size comparison alone is amusing. The characters may seem really simple on the surface, but they touch upon some really interesting complexities. Calvin was the big star high school student, and now is struggling with whether or not he is successful and how to define what successful is. Bob is a former fat kid, still struggling to overcome the torture that he was put through in school. He looks totally different on the outside, but still struggles emotionally. More importantly, I think it was very smart of the writers to show Bob the way they did. They didn’t choose to change his personality and make him totally 100% cool all of a sudden. They still kept him true to who he was as a person. I really respect that.


The messages in the film are great. Defining success as not just having tons of money and an amazing job but being with the person you love and having friends you can trust. Of course, it addresses bullying and shows the lasting impact of that on a person. Along with not changing your personality to make other people happy. All in all, this is a wonderfully funny film, with great messages sprinkled throughout. Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are magical together and have a true chemistry.

Rating 8/10 

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