“Chronicle” – Review by MattTheMovieAnalyst

YouTube Telekinesis Has Never Been So Real

By Matt the Movie Analyst

As a concept, Chronicle sounds dumb. As a trailer, Chronicle looks like a horrific big budget superhero teenage comedy mashup. As a film, Chronicle is a fantastic joyride that is both superbly realistic, authentic, and inspiring.

The film is about neglected teenager Andrew who’s abused by his drunken father, picked on at school, and not even able to get into the ‘friends zone’ with women. To form a barrier between himself and these other pesky humans, he documents his entire life with a camera. Why? On the Internet, there’s an audience for anything, that’s why. At a party, Andrew meets up with two other teenage high school students Steve and Matt, and the trio ventures into the woods, finds a hole with a mysterious glowing purple object, gains super powers, and slowly figures out how to harness their new abilities.

Chronicle perfectly captures the emotion of what gaining a super power would be like. While watching, you’ll go through the experience of moving objects with your minds or flying – two things that many of us have tried to do when nobody else was looking. Admit it. The first two-thirds of the movie is a very realistic take on how teenagers would handle the power of telekinesis – they’re going to pull pranks, scare children, and lift up female’s skirts to see those ever-so tantalization underpants. However, the last third then delves into the dangers that come alongside having power and going crazy like a hopped-up police officer with a fresh can of mace and bunch of unsuspecting peaceful hippie protestors. Needless to say, it gets epic.

Rarely does a film have the ability to inspire a sense of wonder. What The Goonies did for treasure hunting, what Jurassic Park did for dinosaurs, and what Heavyweights did for fat kids – Chronicle hits an inspirational high note for those children at heart who have the occasional thought about defying the implausible. Though Andrew documents much of the film, it’s not the typical ‘lost footage’ experience — it is an interesting combination of a super hero movie prequel explaining the motives of a villain, and your old home videos that your parents pull out to embarrass you in front of new dates. What may seem like a slow start to some will be a refreshing look on storytelling to others — the audience gets to see these characters grow from average angst-ridden teenagers to concerned, thoughtful teenagers who must responsibly control their powers. This is a memorable adventure that I will definitely watch again — right after I get done bending this fork with my brain.

Matt the Movie Analyst’s final verdict: 9/10

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