Deadpool Review by Ashley Menzel: A Bloody kickass bitchin’ film

Deadpool: A bloody kickass bitchin’ film


Hollywood, take note: You can do a HARD R-Rated movie without having to be overly disgusting or offensive. You can respect your audience and their age without belittling them through totally childish humor. Deadpool works so well because it is so self-aware. It knows what it is and has a very distinct tone that transfers from the very first second of the opening credits, all the way to the post credits scene at the end of the film.

Ryan Reynolds is a superb smart-ass as Deadpool. He has a believable and truly badass nature that is consistent while not being overwhelming. Everything he does as the character is inline with how we would anticipate him behaving. His quick matter of fact delivery further enhances the character. The lines that Reynolds has to speak, a lot of them are all about delivery. Without that great and perfectly toned and timed delivery, many of the jokes would fall flat.

The writing in the film is really well done. I want to shake the hand of the writer who had to come up with Deadpool’s lines and some of the batshit crazy off the wall comments that he makes. I want to visit that mind like a damn amusement park. Pure sick genius.

The violence, while incredibly over the top, goes really well with the rest of the film and the sense of humor. It is gruesome and gory and an absolute joy to watch. Keep in mind that I personally do not enjoy gory violence but really really enjoyed this film. Some of the scenes are really interesting, particularly the opening scene where he is in the gun battled after a car wreck. Its just incredible.

The cinematography, particularly in the beginning scenes where there is a lot of slow motion action going on, is supreme. It is engaging and wonderful to see someone work so craftily with an action film and really make a shot so incredibly stunning and beautiful to watch.


The supporting cast was pretty great, but Weasel (TJ Miller) was the best part for me. His comedic relief and delivery was awesome and perfectly fit the tone of the film and made an awesome apathetic sidekick to Ryan Reynolds. Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), the love interest, was also a treat. She was real and intense. The X-Men characters that were in the film were pretty decent as well. The villain Ajax/ Francis (Ed Skrein) was a great villain. So often villains are way too over the top and over acted but Ajax was a perfect blend of pure evil and infuriatingly cocky that it works really well. Another character that was really enjoyable was Blind Al (Leslie Uggams) Deadpool’s blind crack head older roommate. She is really funny and has some great one-liners that really hit. I can’t really say that any of the supporting cast is particularly weak either, which is a real treat.

The choices for the music in the film were great, especially the DMX scene and some other really hilarious scenes where the music really enhances the scene. The music does a wonderful job of enhancing the humor and never detracts from it. I will definitely be purchasing the soundtrack.

In general, this film is all around enjoyable bloody cocky fun. I would strongly recommend that children NOT see this film. It really is a hard R film and parents should heed that warning. I can’t wait for the film to release in theaters because it has such great re-watchability. There is so many moments where there is quick banter or off handed phrases, that you can’t possibly catch them all in one viewing. I will definitely be seeing this multiple times and I suggest you do the same. Also, pay attention during the opening credits, they set a pretty hilarious tone to the film.

Rating 9.5/10

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