Dear Mr. Stuart Beattie (An “I, Frankenstein” Review ) – by Mark Krawczyk

Dear Mr. Stuart Beattie,


I am writing to you today in regards to your recent big-screen movie, I,Frankenstein starring Aaron Eckhart, Bill Nighy, Yvonne Strahovski, and Miranda Otto. It’s the movie that is based off of the graphic novel with the same name. The premise of this film was interesting. Taking Frankenstein’s monster and making him an action hero fighting in a battle with gargoyles and demons was a fun idea. I do not feel my time was wasted. On the other hand, I do feel that potential was wasted.


Aaron Eckhart did well with the script that was given to him. His rather gravelly voice and damaged body was one part Batman, one part Darkman, and one part MacLeod from Highlander. He showed more emotion and acting ability than Kellan Lutz did in Legend of Hercules. While that is not saying much, I will say it kept me interested. I really liked the character. I do wish you had used Bill Nighy better.


When I learned Nighy was cast as the main villain I was expecting a number of epic, dramatic scenes with a badass boss. Instead he was underutilized and it felt like he was an overdramatic office worker bragging about how he is going to be running the company as soon as he is promoted to assistant mailroom manager. Even during the final confrontation with Frankenstein, I just didn’t feel like he was really much of a threat. The resolution involving his character also felt lame and did not make much sense. Yvonne Strahovski’s scientist was convincing enough for this film and Miranda Otto also gave a decent performance as the leader of the gargoyles.


Speaking of gargoyles, I will say I thought they looked really good. They made me wish someone had made a live action film based off the cartoon Gargoyles. As far as the demons go I will just say that Joss Whedon called and he wants his demon props from Buffy the Vampire Slayer back. Seriously, they did not look as good as big screen demons should. Also I would ask you talk to your CGI quality department. Someone must have been too busy staring at Strahovski to notice the gumby looking demon warrior figures during the big battles. I have seen better looking 3D CGI figures on my kid’s Nintendo 3DS. I wish I would have seen the 2D version of the film and saved 2 bucks.


Please pass the following message on to your movie director friends. If you have even the slightest notion of doing a film in 3D, please shoot it in 3D and do not do the 3D in post. It literally becomes a 3Distraction, especially during the action scenes. While there were no floating heads like in Legend of Hercules, it still did not look right and took me out of the story at times.

I do understand you were going for an action film and I did, for the most part, enjoy the action scenes. It was the parts in between the actions scenes that left me yearning for something more. It felt as if you were rushing from one action scene to the next while dropping crumbs of interesting ideas but never giving the full loaf, leaving me hungry and empty inside.

I, Frankenstein was not a horrible film. I enjoyed the cheesiness of the dialog, the gargoyles were badass, and Aaron definitely gave it his all, but the story felt rushed and slapped together, just like the monster.



Mark “The Movieman” Krawczyk

We Live Film


P.S. I give your film 2.5 stubs out of 5 stubs.



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