“Dredd 3D” – Review plus Interview with Karl Urban by MovieManMenzel

“Dredd 3D” is a fast paced, visually stunning comic book film that does the comic book justice.

Based on a British comic book series, “Dredd 3D” takes place in the distant future. The world as suggested in most films about the future has gotten significantly worse and is being overthrown by crime lords. The police no longer have to take their prisoner to court, but rather they are now authorized to act as the judge. The film follows Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) as he takes on a new rookie cop named Anderson (Olivia Thirlby) while trying to take down a drug lord named Ma-Ma (Lena Headey) who is dealing a new mind altering drug known as Slo-Mo.

Karl Urban talks about how he played “Dredd”

Move over Sylvester Stallone, there is a new judge in town and his name is Karl Urban. While the “Dredd 3D” is not labeled a remake or a reboot, I am sure it’s hard for anyone to say the name “Judge Dredd” and not think of Stallone screaming “I AM THE LAW.” With that being said, I am pleased to inform everyone that “Dredd 3D” is nothing like the 1995 film “Judge Dredd,” but rather a more true and loyal adaptation of the comic book.

What makes this film really stand out from several other comic book films in recent years is the fact that the movie is really gritty and raw. This is an extremely violent and bloody film that earns its R rating and not for silly unnecessary sex scenes, but rather for being extremely violent and even graphic. This film reminded me of “Kick-Ass,” for the simple fact that this film wasn’t afraid of catering to a mature audience in terms of blood and violence which in return made the film stand out more at least to me.

Karl Urban talks about what drew him into the character of “Dredd”

Karl Urban is absolutely brilliant as Dredd. It says a lot about an actor when he or she can actually deliver a solid performance without seeing any facial expressions other than their mouth. Urban fits this role and as stated in a recent interview with several journalists in Philadelphia it took a lot of hard work and training. Urban read through the comics to make sure that he had the character down but also stated that he had to get into physical shape to play the character as well. I truly believe this all paid off in the end because Dredd seems bigger and better than ever before.

My favorite character in the film wasn’t Dredd oddly enough but rather the newbie or as Dredd referred to her as the rookie. The character I am referring to is Anderson played perfectly by Olivia Thirlby. This character had a lot of depth to it especially for an action flick like this. Thirlby’s character could read minds and that made the film so much more engaging especially thanks to how Pete Travis decided to showcase her mind reading skill set.  It also should be said that it’s nice to see a strong female side kick that isn’t afraid to showcase a woman as a bad ass without loads of ample cleavage in the process.

Karl Urban talks about playing iconic roles such as Dredd and Bones

The film is perfectly shot and visually stunning. The sequences that show the film in slow motion actually add to the film rather than cheapen it. It really is an effective tool and Travis knew how to make it work without it seeming cheap and cheesy. Also, Travis does a great job with the pacing of the film. “Dredd 3D” runs a solid 93 minutes and at no point was I ever bored or uninterested in what was going on. That has a lot to do with how Travis decided to move the story along and for that I think he did a fantastic job.

In Conclusion, “Dredd 3D” is a fun and visually stunning treat. It’s a gritty, raw, and violent film that doesn’t hold back and isn’t afraid to take chances. This film will delight most fans of the comic book series and make some new ones in the process. While I can’t see “Dredd 3D” becoming a huge hit in the United States (It’s actually very popular in other countries), I do actually see this film becoming a cult classic and one that many people will love and appreciate it. I know I am excited to see this film again and will be happy to add this to my Blu Ray collection once it’s released a few months down the line.

MovieManMenzel’s final rating for “Dredd 3D” is a solid 8 out of 10.

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