Dwayne Johnson Confirms He’s Playing Black Adam in DC’s “Shazam”

Dwayne Johnson Confirms He’s Playing Black Adam in DC’s  Shazam


by Justin Cook 

After teasing fans for months and months about his involvement in a DC Comics superhero movie, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has finally confirmed that he will be bringing comic book character Black Adam to life in the upcoming film Shazam.

Johnson tweeted the following with a picture of Black Adam attached: “’Kneel at his feet or get crushed by his boot.’ My honor to become.. #BlackAdam #TheAntiHero #DCComics.”

For those unfamiliar with the characters, Shazam is a young boy who is transformed into an adult superhero just by saying “shazam,” an acronym that includes Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury, all very important figures in Greek mythology.

On the other hand, Black Adam is an immortal warrior with strong magical powers and abilities. Although he is at times classified as an anti-hero, he is mainly a villain who aims to conquer the world.

Black Adam will be playing the villain opposite Shazam in the upcoming film, although no actor has joined the cast as the role of Shazam yet. Also no production date is set for the film as of now.

Writing the project will be Darren Lemke, writer of Turbo, Jack the Giant Slayer, and the upcoming film Goosebumps, based off of the book series written by R.L. Stine. Hiram Garcia will be producing the film alongside Johnson.

Johnson seems to be very passionate about the character of Black Adam, and does not seem likely to let fans of this character down.

He also recently starred in Brett Ratner’s Hercules. While receiving mixed to positive reviews from critics on a whole, many appreciated Johnson’s performance and dedication to the role.

It is certainly interesting to see this DC Cinematic Universe beginning to fall together, and to see DC starting to give Marvel a run for its money.

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