Eliminators Review: Scott Adkins’ History Of Violence

The new Scott Adkins vehicle from WWE Studios is now available on digital platforms and on Blu-ray next week. It’s a solid version of Scott Adkins’ A History of Violence.

EliminatorsIt only takes about seven minutes of setup of Martin Parker (Adkins)’s mundane life in London with his daughter (and working out so we know he’s still got it) before some dudes break into his house with pipes. It’s a dynamic fight that changes the lighting as hey smash lamps. Thanks to some idiot criminals forcing Thomas to defend his daughter, he’s exposed and the real criminals from whom he’s been hiding send the hitman Bishop (Wade Barrett) after him.

The very basic premise leads to some inventive action sequences. Bishop offers ten grand to a group of cable car passengers if they take out Martin for him. So two of them fight and one cowers in the corner. The exterior angles are great and keep the fight coherent. Martin doesn’t want to hurt cops but if they think they can hold him he’s gotta break out. He also doesn’t stop for innocents in crossfire, like Arnold in Commando and Total Recall.

There’s action all around London. It’s at night so it must be after hours, but it’s still cool to see the locations. There’s some gunplay in addition to martial arts, and those sequences are well staged for the locations in which they occur. Barrett is intimidating and charismatic as Bishop.

Between the action, Eliminators takes a tad longer than it needs to for such a familiar plot, but not hard to get through. The number of clever action scenes makes it worth it. At 90 minutes before credits role, perhaps they could have gotten away with 80 but it’s not a dealbreaker.

For those waiting for the Blu-ray version, London looks great in HD as does all the colored lighting, especially heightened around the villains. There is some flicker so it’s not a 100% consistent transfer, but always looks like a Blu-ray. The Blu-ray also includes two bonus features on fight choreography (with test fights in the gym) and a short Bishop profile.

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