ENDZEIT and LET ME FALL : Two TIFF 2018 Films that Won’t Disappoint

Mark Krawczyk gives his early thoughts on two very powerful female driven stories premiering at this year's Toronto International Film Festival, "ENDZEIT" and "Let Me Fall".
ENDZEIT and LET ME FALL: Two TIFF 2018 Films that Won’t Disappoint

The Toronto International Film Festival has a reputation of showing thought-provoking, entertaining and refreshingly original films from around the world. I share my thoughts about two such films that are having their world premieres at TIFF 2018.


Director Carolina Hellsgård’s ENDZEIT is the story of two women who reluctantly work together to survive while crossing a land filled with zombie virus infected people to get to one of the last remaining safe cities. This film breathes new life into a zombie genre that many thought was dead. The hauntingly deep story written by Olivia Vieweg, visually stunning cinematography of Leah Striker and the solid performances by Maja Lehrer and Gro Swantje Kohlhof make this one of my favorite zombie apocalypse films in recent years. I was particularly impressed by the explanation of why the infection was happening. The reason prompts self-reflection within the two main characters as well as for the viewer. This film was based on the feminist zombie comic, also written by Vieweg, which may turn some people away. If it does, those people will be missing on a must-see movie for TIFF 2018. ENDZEIT premieres  Friday, September 7th.


Let Me Fall is about 15-year old Magnea who falls victim to the world of drugs after she meets the wild Stella. After a major event that causes them to part ways, the two cross paths twelve years later and soon find themselves settling a long overdue score.

Let Me Fall is an unflinching, heartbreaking, punch-to-the-gut look at the reality of drug addiction. It shows how addiction can impact the lives of both the addict and the people around them. With as harsh as the subject is, the performances of the actresses playing the young and older versions of Stella and Magnea are magnificent. Though played by different actresses, there is a seamless transition between the two. Baldvin Zophoníasson’s direction holds the viewer in place and doesn’t allow them to turn away from this tragic story. While it may not be uplifting, it is a compelling and moving film that you do not want to miss. Let Me Fall premieres Thursday, September 6th.

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