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Laughs ensue about life and love after a divorce.

Eva (Julia Louis Dreyfus) is a divorced mother who hasn’t had much of a connection with anyone since her divorce. During the day, she works as a masseuse where she spends most of her time listening to others talk about their lives. At night, she sits at home and thinks about her daughter Ellen (Tracey Fairaway) moving away to college at the end of the summer. Scared of being alone and not having anyone to talk to, Eva attends her best friend’s party where she meets a divorced father named Albert (James Gandolfini) and a poet named Marianne (Catherine Keener).  Now, with a new boyfriend and a new best friend, Eva is extremely happy that is until she learns that Albert and Marianne were once married.

Enough Said is a rare comedy that is genuine, sweet, and funny.  Unlike a lot of romantic comedies that seem very far-fetched and overly sappy, this film is actually pretty realistic as it deals with trying to fall in love again after a divorce. I think the primary reason why this film works is the script, which was written by Nicole Holofcener, who also happened to direct the film as well. The script feels as if it is telling a story that  could actually happen in real life and I think that is why so many people have fallen in love with this film.

The plot is something that on the surface seems generic but what Holofcener did with the story is what made all the difference. The idea of having someone tell you about the person you are dating is definitely an interesting concept and one that hits home for a lot of people. Lets be honest as much as we may not want to admit it we do take others thoughts and opinions into consideration when we make decisions in our lives. I love the way that the film showcases the relationship between Albert and Eva and as time goes on how we as audience members can see Marianne is slowly poisoning it.  I think the way the story is setup allows you to really connect and like these characters before seeing their flaws.

Now, along with the script, you have to mention the actors who bring these characters to life.  First off, the chemistry and dialogue between Gandolfini and Dreyfus is dynamic, quick-witted, and lively. This is hands down one of the best performances by the late and great James Gandolfini and probably Julia Louis Dreyfus’ best film role to date. As Albert, Gandolfini portrays this character in a way that you instantly fall in love with him and honestly even though this film seems like its being told from a female perspective, its Albert who is the one that the audience is ultimately rooting for.  As for Dreyfus, I could honestly feel and understand where he character was coming from. She was a woman, who was afraid of the future, didn’t want to be alone, and was afraid of love. She was a very flawed character with so much going on, but that is what ultimately made her realistic and believable.

As for the supporting cast, there were several people including Toni Collette as Eva’s friend Sarah, Catherine Keener as Marianne, Tracy Fairaway as Eva’s daughter Ellen, and Tavi Gevinson as Ellen’s best friend Chloe, just to name a few. All these characters added something to the story and I really like how they never really stole the show from Dreyfus and Gandolfini but yet still managed to add depth to the film itself. I think these four are the key supporting roles because they all gave Eva some background to do what she was doing.

I think the oddness of Keener as Marianne was a great addition to the film’s more “normal” characters and having her play this hippie poet, who obviously has never gotten over her ex was a great fit for her. The daughter and her best friend storyline was a bit odd, but I totally understand why it happened and I think those who have raised a daughter or son and see them off to college can relate to what is going on within the film. As for Collette as Sarah, well everyone over the age of 35 seems to know someone just like her character. I am talking about someone who is just genuinely unhappy with their life and just, complains about anything and everything.

While I will say that I highly enjoyed this film, I do have to point out that the movie is rather predictable and suffers from what I call the “Hollywood Syndrome.” It’s a film that you know about 15 minutes in where it’s going and how it’s going to end. I am not saying that it’s a bad thing, but it’s definitely not something that falls along the lines of being creative and crafty with how the story plays out. While the story, acting, and dialogue are superb, the film does still play out like your typical romantic comedy. It has the normal ups and downs, as you would expect from any mainstream romantic comedy, so just be warned that going into this film.

All in all, Enough Said is a wonderful date movie and is incredibly sweet. It’s a film that addresses relationships in a realistic light while following the stand romantic comedy formula. The performances in the film are the reason to see this film and the chemistry between Gandolfini and Dreyfus is spot on. I feel this is definitely a romantic comedy that can appeal to people of all ages and even the guys will dig this one. If you are looking for a feel good film, well look no further because Enough Said is your answer.

MovieManMenzel’s final rating for Enough Said is an 8 out of 10.

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