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Entourage Movie Review

Entourage needs more help than the Red Cross.

There seems like there is nothing but all love and praise for the HBO series Entourage. Personally, I saw only a few episodes of the series and that was only when I heard someone I liked had a cameo appearance on the show. I am not going to say that what I saw of the show I disliked because that isn’t true but rather that the show failed to really capture my attention to make me watch it beyond those few episodes. With that being said, I wasn’t overly shocked that Entourage the Movie was green-lit especially with the fanbase and how well both of the Sex in the City films did. My only hope was that we would have gotten a Sopranos film before the late James Gandolfini passed away but clearly that never happened and fingers crossed that it never will now. With that being said, I went into Entourage with an open mind and really no idea what to expect from this TV Show turned feature film.

The plot of Entourage centers around the old gang, Vincent (Adrian Grenier), Eric (Kevin Connolly), Drama (Kevin Dillon), and Turtle (Jerry Ferraraas they attempt to make a film called Hyde with the support of Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven). Along the way, the film goes over budget so Ari must try to convince Larsen McCredle (Billy Bob Thornton) and his son Travis McCredle (Haley Joel Osment) for extra funds to finish the film and save his crumbling film studio. This turns into a whole complicated mess that causes several Ari Gold freak-outs and plenty of unnecessary storylines to unfold. 

With how much love and praise this television show received, I am truly baffled by how dull and boring this film is. Vincent, Eric, Drama, and Turtle don’t stand out on the big screen at all. They all seem as if they are just walking through each scene and collecting their paycheck. I don’t even know what else to say about them other than they are all incredibly uninteresting and one-dimensional.


There are so many stories going on between these lead characters that I am shocked that none of them were even remotely intriguing or amusing. Eric is hooking up with various women while still feeling something towards Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui), Turtle has the hots for Ronda Rousey and wants to prove to her he is more than just a booty call, Vinnie is dealing with divorce, directing and starring in the film, and finding new love with Emily Ratajkowski, and lastly, Drama just wants to make sure he doesn’t become a washed up actor. All of these things might have worked well in the television series but in the film they are a complete and utter bore. Lets not even get started on how awful the Travis McCredle ( Haley Joel Osment) storyline is or how they shoehorn in the Lloyd (Rex Lee) character.

Entourage tries to make up for its lackluster story by having about 100 cameo appearances throughout the film’s 104 minute runtime. The cameos include everyone from Liam Neeson to David Spade and just like almost everything else about this film, they add nothing at all to it. At least in bad films like A Million Ways to Die in the West, the cameos brought something to the film; in Entourage it just seems like they asked everyone in Hollywood to make a cameo for no reason whatsoever. I don’t even think I am spoiling anything by mentioning those who appeared in the film since the marketing has repeatedly showcased so many of them just to sell this film to non-Entourage fans.

The only real reason to see this film is for Piven as Ari Gold who I also heard was the best part of the television show. Piven’s performance is really very similar to how I picture him being in real life but watching him freak out throughout the film was quite amusing. He is the only character that you feel something towards just because you can at least feel how stressed out he must be. His on-going freak outs were the film’s only highlight.

entourage movie

Its so hard to say what exactly went wrong with this film other than it seemed like no one really cared enough about it other than getting a paycheck from it. Almost every storyline is incredibly dull and uninteresting and with so many of them that is a pretty remarkable accomplishment. In addition, almost every joke falls flat. The references to things like Glee, Ryan Murphy, TMZ, and Celebrity sex tapes feel dated and just tossed into the script for no reason at all. The only thing I actually cared about the entire time this film was running was the actual film (Hyde) that they were making but get this, the film didn’t even bother to show really any of that. How the hell can you make movie about making another movie and show nothing of that movie being made? Please explain that shit to me. I really want to know how they can center an entire plot around a film being made and never show any of it.

All in all, maybe die-hard Entourage fans might get some pleasure out of seeing their favorite characters back together again but for everyone else this film is just one long and uninteresting series of non-stop stories. I didn’t go into this film expecting much of anything and in return I still walked out fairly disappointed. I was hoping at least the characters would have been entertaining but instead just felt tired and uninspired. If you are going to see this film at all, do yourself a favor and just wait for HBO since that is obviously where the film should be playing and not at a local multiplex.

MovieManMenzel’s final rating for Entourage is a 4 out of 10.

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