Love Wedding Repeat  Review and Exclusive Interview with Sam Claflin and Olivia Munn

Last Friday, I participated in my first ever virtual junket for new Netflix original film Love Wedding Repeat which is an American remake of the 2012 French film entitled Plan de Table. Since I never watched or heard of Plan de Table, I didn’t have any real expectations for this film prior to watching it. Love Wedding Repeat is a unique take on a romantic comedy because it explores different scenarios that could possibly play out based on where someone sits at the wedding. Sam Claflin plays the lovable Jack, an everyday nice guy who has been tasked with walking his sister Hayley (Eleanor Tomlinson) down the aisle. While Hayley is preparing for the big day, an old classmate named Marc (Jack Farthing) unexpectedly shows up with a plan to ruin her wedding. Now, in addition to having to walk his sister down the aisle, Jack has been tasked with keeping an eye on Marc while also attempting to reunite with an old love interest named Dina (Olivia Munn) who is in town for the wedding.

Love Wedding Repeat is what I would call the ideal Netflix movie. It is a lighthearted comedic romp that kept me thoroughly entertained from beginning to end. By utilizing the whole “what if” scenario, I found myself surprisingly more invested in the story than I originally expected based on the film’s trailer. Claflin and Munn’s chemistry comes across as very natural and they are charming together. We have seen both of these actors in romantic movies before but I don’t think we’ve ever seen Claflin get to show off his comedic chops as much as he does here. Claflin has proven over the years to be a very versatile actor that can take on any genre or role. I am still floored by his performance in 2019’s The Nightingale so seeing him in a fun romantic comedy was just what I needed.

While Munn and Claflin are both great in their perspective roles, it was Joel Fry as Bryan who truly stole the film. I’m typically not a huge fan of comedic sidekick characters but I found Bryan not only to be funny but incredibly charming. There are a few scenes where Bryan is trying so hard to stay awake after accidentally drinking some sleeping drops. I found Fry’s facial mannerisms to be very reminiscent of Jim Carrey from the 80s and 90s. Fry definitely got me to laugh the most while Tim Key who plays the socially awkward Sidney was also often funny but sometimes came across as though he was trying too hard to get a laugh.

While I enjoyed the premise and the majority of the cast, I do have to say that Allan Mustafa as Chaz and Freida Pinto as Amanda were a bit one-dimensional and took me out of the film whenever they were on-screen. I felt like every single line of dialogue that came out of Mustafa’s mouth was a rejected dick joke from an early 90s movie while Pinto’s portrayal of Amanda just seemed very stereotypical. At first, these two characters didn’t really bother me but as the film went on and they kept popping up and acting the same way even in different scenarios or timelines. By the time the film hit the midway mark, I felt that these two characters, not only didn’t add anything to the story but actually brought the film down.

Overall, Love Wedding Repeat is entertaining, engaging, and often funny. The majority of romantic comedies made exclusively for Netflix have really struck a chord with me. These types of romcoms seem to have been forgotten by the mainstream studios so I am thrilled that Netflix is taking good care of the genre. Love Wedding Repeat is not without its flaws but it works and delivers on what it promises. It is a great date night movie that is sure to keep the majority of romcom fans entertained.

After getting a chance to see the film before it debuted on Netflix, I got a chance to interview Sam Claflin and Olivia Munn for the film via Zoom. I talked with Claflin and Munn about whether they had seen the original French film, what it was like to work with Dean Craig, and what their strangest wedding experience was like. You can watch my full interview with Sam and Olivia below:

Love Wedding Repeat  is now available on Netflix.

I highly recommend checking it out especially if you are looking for something to watch that is charming, lighthearted, and sweet.

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