What to Expect From “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For”

Eva Green Sin City Boob Poster

Almost 10 years after the explosive original, Frank Miller has returned once again to bring us the second installment of the Sin City franchise.

Back in 2005, huge Hollywood stars including Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis, Josh Hartnett, and Jessica Alba were all caught up in the corruption of Basin City. The film depicted Miller’s graphic novels of the same name and was largely based upon the first, third and fourth books in his series, telling four separate stories of murder, love and prostitution on the mean streets. The film was critically acclaimed and was recognized for its largely black and white color scheme which featured intermittent colored objects, akin to the same techniques used by Steven Spielberg in Schindler’s List.

Nine years later and we are faced with many of the same cast as the first installment, albeit lamentably without an appearance from Brittany Murphy, who sadly passed away four years after the original was made.

Bruce Willis returns as John Hartigan, expanding on his original role as an ageing police officer in the first film, part of the “That Yellow Bastard,” storyline. Meanwhile, Jessica Alba is up to her old tricks once again as Nancy Callahan, the exotic dancer with a troubled past.

JGL in Sin City 2

Newcomers to the story this time round include Inception star Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who has had a rollercoaster Hollywood career ever since starring in The Dark Knight Rises in 2008. Gordon-Levitt plays Johnny, a cocky gambler, who makes it his mission to destroy Sin City’s biggest villain in a nail biting game of cards.

Unfortunately for Johnny, it does not work out as he had planned, just as many other casino plots in Hollywood movies have told us. While online games like extreme heat slots may have been better advised for Johnny to quell his gambling addiction, he instead finds himself beating the wrong man, which has explosive results. Along the way he meets another exotic addition to the team, Marcy, a stripper played by the young but talented Julia Garner.

While fans may be sick of waiting for the second film installment of the Sin City franchise – after all, the original was promised by Frank Miller in 2011 – it’s every bit worth the wait. Expect sterling performances from reliable old favorites like Bruce Willis, while newcomers in the form of James Bond siren Eva Green make for an altogether slicker, sexier and more exciting movie.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill, hits cinema screens on August 22.

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