Interview : Ana Isabelle Talks About Her Killer Role in “Dementia 13” (2017)

Ana Isabelle stars in the new  horror film  Dementia 13,  now out on V.O.D. and  Digital HD. Mark Krawczyk got the opportunity to ask this talented actress about her role in the film. Check it out.

Ana Isabelle

Ana Isabelle as Louise in the thriller horror film “DEMENTIA 13” a Chiller Films release. Photo courtesy of Chiller Films.

How would you describe your character Louise?

Malicious, Gold Digger… Louise is interested in only one thing… Money. She has a love/hate relationship with John Haloran and she even puts up with being beaten by him just to keep herself near the family fortune. She did love him but she can’t stand his cruelty anymore that’s why she has a secret plan for the entire family when they come together for the death of the sister’s anniversary memorial at Castle Haloran.

How familiar were you with the original film before taking on the role of Louise?

I watched the film. It was part of my research for my role and studying of the character. In the remake, Louise is more sinister in her plotting than in the original version.   In the original version, Louise convinces Lady Haloran that she can communicate in a way with Kathleen the dead daughter and  uses Lady Haloran’s grief to manipulate her.  But in this more modern version she is trying to make sure she cashes in on the family fortune but in a different way.

What was one of the biggest challenges for you during shooting?

The actions scenes… Working with the stunt coordinator was so much fun but also a lot of responsibility. We had just one hour to learn the choreography of the opening scene which is a very aggressive and a complex scene. At the end, it came out great but at the time it was intense and demanding.

Ana Isabelle

Ana Isabelle as Louise in the thriller horror film “DEMENTIA 13” a Chiller Films release. Photo courtesy of Chiller Films.

What was it like to shoot on the amazing location of the castle?

It was a dream come true. All the locations were unbelievably beautiful and scary at the same time.

Are you a fan of the horror genre and if so what is your favorite scary movie?

No, I have never been a fan of scary movies because I can’t sleep for days after watching them. I have such an active imagination and they freak me out. Bad Dreams (laughs) no thank you. But, I admit I have seen a couple of them with friends that tricked me into going to the movie theater. The first one I saw and I will never forget was Final Destination. I went because Devon Sawa was in it and he was the hottie of the moment for my girlfriends and me.  Recently, I watched The Conjuring 2. I used it as a reference and inspiration before shooting Dementia 13. I think that one is my favorite.

What is one of the things you want to tell fans of the original who may be worried about a remake?

Well I have Two things. First, it’s not in black and white (laughs). Second, Dan DeFilippo and Justin Smith did a great job developing and adapting the story.  Which is amazing. Richard LeMay our director gives it a fresh take on the original film that Coppola co-wrote and directed, without losing the Gothic storytelling ,oh and the special effects are incredible. I think audiences will really like it.

You  can experience     Dementia 13 (2017) for yourself right now on V.O.D. and Digital HD. Perfect film for this Halloween season.

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