TCA News: David Krumholtz Donated His Wonder Wheel Salary to Time’s Up

On Friday, David Krumholtz tweeted he regretted working with Woody Allen on Wonder Wheel. The tweet read “I deeply regret working with Woody Allen on Wonder Wheel. It’s one of my most heartbreaking mistakes. We can no longer let these men represent us in entertainment, politics, or any other realm. They are beneath real men.” Today, after a TCA panel for his CBS comedy Living Biblically, Krumholtz revealed he donated his Wonder Wheel salary to TimesUp, which is organizing a legal defense fund for harassment and abuse victims.

“I donated my salary from the Woody Allen movie to Time’s Up last week without a tweet,” Krumholtz said. “I’ve been accused of doing this as a PR stunt. I did what I had to do. I’m doing everything I can. It’s time for change.”

Krumholtz elaborated on his distaste for Allen’s themes, regardless of allegations he abused Dylan Farrow.  Most of Allen’s films feature an older man, often played by Allen himself, romancing a very young woman.

“At the very least, whether or not you believe Woody or you believe Dylan, it’s time at the very least for Mr. Allen to stop making inappropriate films about February/December relationships, romances because people don’t like it,” Krumholtz said. “Women are offended by it and those voices need to be heard. As a former fan of his, I think it’s time for him to start making films that don’t further indict. I feel ashamed and deeply regretful that I knew what I felt I knew going into it and yet I still made the decision to work with him. It’s a sad truth. It’s my truth. I did it. I worked with him. I’m trying to rectify the situation by no longer associating with any man I know that would commit these kinds of egregious acts.”

Dylan Farrow thanked Krumholtz today on Twitter.

“I received all the vindication and validation I need from Dylan Farrow herself, who thanked me for the tweet,” Krumholtz said. “It was very kind for her to do that. I’m very moved by the Time’s Up movement as someone who has witnessed sexual harassment on set. I’m not going to name names of the perpetrators. It’s not my place, at least not right now.”

Some suggested Krumholtz’s tweet was at worst opportunistic, or at least too little too late. Krumholtz respects the dissent too.

“Yesterday, on Twitter I tweeted that and I awoke some ire from some hardcore feminist groups who understandably said, ‘Hey, it’s a little too late to be commenting,’” Krumholtz said. “I understand that. At the same time, I feel like that’s an audacious response to a genuinely heartfelt apology on my part.”

Krumholtz described abuse he witnessed on set, but would not reveal where out of respect for the victim. “I can’t say because it’s going to apply when it was, but it wasn’t too long ago,” Krumholtz said. “In the moment I actually did something. I won’t go into details but I went to who I saw was being abused and I asked her if she was okay, and she cried. She wasn’t, but she told me not to say anything, so I didn’t. I think it’s respectful to go to the victim first. I do. It’s not my place to out a victim.”

Further, Krumholtz confirmed himself as a former Woody Allen fan.

“Some of us grow up idolizing people,” Krumholtz said. “Certainly for a New York Jewish kid from Queens was a perfect idol. Looking back, there’s so many things in his films that are inappropriate and yet there’s no doubt that at one point he was a brilliant filmmaker. That doesn’t excuse any of the behavior and continuing of telling stories that are inappropriate.”

Time’s Up, which came from the #MeToo movement, has inspired Krumholtz to speak up and he encourages others in Hollywood, and any industry, to do the same.

“The last few months in Hollywood have been a very interesting time for everyone. Especially for the innocent,” Krumholtz said. “There are many men who are absolutely appalled by all of this, who don’t know what to do. That’s why you have a lot of men not saying much to support the Times Up movement. I thought I should because my feelings aren’t conflicted about it. Abuse, sexual abuse, abuse of any manner in the workplace or anywhere is unacceptable at this point. It’s time to move on from that. So I thought I’d express that in that fashion, and I’ve tweeted about that before.”

Living Biblically premieres February 26 on CBS.

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  1. It’s unfortunate that Fred Topel did not read Krumholtz’s nearly two-day-long Twitter rampage (from Friday night through Saturday afternoon) before publicly giving him credit for donating his salary from Wonder Wheel. At least twice during that time, he responded to people who suggested that he donate his salary by saying that he could not do so because he was paid “nothing” for the film since “Woody doesn’t pay”.

    He is now congratulating himself publicly for making this donation (and I wonder if anyone has checked to see if he actually made any donation at all?) as if he gave up a million dollars.

    In the hundreds of Twitter comments that he made during those 24 hours, he attacked women repeatedly, calling them “stupid a s s h o l e s” and worse. This was as a result of one woman pointing out that a few years ago, Krumholtz became enraged when she criticized his comments about Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death (he said PSH had made a “beautiful sacrifice for his art” by dying of a drug overdose).

    He responded to that woman by repeatedly calling her a “c u n t”, saying “I WANT TO S H I T DOWN YOUR THROAT” (he wrote it in ALLCAPS) and told her to “spread your a s s cheeks for me, that’s all you’re good for”. He later stalked her online for an extended period of time.

    He is simply lying by saying those who questioned him are “hardcore feminist groups”. Two of the people he attacked – myself and another user – are men, and the women simply pointed out an actual fact, that he has used hateful and threatening misogynistic language against them in the past.

    Krumholtz is a misogynist who routinely resorts to sexually degrading and humiliating language against women when they challenge him in any way. It is beyond absurd that he is now bragging about how proud he is to be a part of the movement to stop abuse against women, and it is very unfortunate that no journalists even checked his Twitter before simply believing his publicist and heralding him for claiming that he donated a salary which he also claims he was never paid at all..

  2. How very unfortunate that the so-called “journalist” who wrote this article allowed Mr. Krumholtz to tell slanderous lies in order to cover his own hateful behavior toward women that very same day, and reported them without fact-checking at all. This story was picked up by other media and now all of that misinformation which Krumholtz put out to make himself seem like a man supporting women – when he is indeed exactly the opposite – is all over, and Krumholtz is smugly linking to these articles as some kind of “proof’ of how great he is.

    No ‘hardcore feminist groups’ ever attacked Mr. Krumholtz’s credibility, although it is sadly not surprising at all that a man who is as hateful toward women as he is would choose feminists to make up this lie about.

    What actually happened (and any journalist who had bothered to do ten minutes of research would have seen) is that one MAN questioned Mr. Krumholtz on Twitter about why he had worked with Woody Allen this year when all of the information about Allen has been out for over 20 years. Krumholtz went into a Twitter frenzy, attacking the man and talking about how great he is to have announced that he regretted working with Woody and how much it meant to women that he was so supportive of them.

    So one woman then reminded Mr. Krumholtz that he had once called her the “c” word that rhymes with “punt” over and over on Twitter and made gross sexually aggressive remarks to her about wanting to [defecate] (he used a more explicit word) down her throat and telling her to bend over and “spread her cheeks” for him since that’s all women like her were good for.

    Mr. Krumholtz admitted he said those things but blamed her for provoking him by disagreeing with something he had posted after a famous actor passed away, called her an “a-hole” and spent three-and-a-half hours sending over 100 tweets to her and others who tried to defend her, all completely filled with hatred and sexism. He stopped overnight but then started up again the next morning.

    Someone apparently warned Mr. Krumholtz that his very bad behavior on Twitter might get out in the media right when he was receiving such good press for his announcement that he regretted working with Woody Allen, so he quickly fed this complete load of BS about donating his salary from the movie to Fred Topel and some other journalists and none of them bothered to check it out, just reporting his story of being attacked by “feminist groups” as if it were fact.

    It’s particularly suspicious that Mr. Krumholtz now says he gave his “Wonder Wheel” salary to the “Time’s Up” campaign, because several people had urged him to do precisely that on Twitter during his hours-long rant and he scoffed at the suggestion, saying he wasn’t paid for “Wonder Wheel” because “everyone knows Woody doesn’t pay actors”.

    It would be nice if there were a journalist somewhere who would bother to take a look at Mr. Krumholtz’ social media before spreading this lie about him being a champion for women.

  3. Funny how none of the comments are showing up. Guess you don’t want people pointing out you got totally played by Krumholtz and his publicity scam, huh?

    By the way, “Time’s Up” lists all donors on their website. You can see them all in order by the amount they donated. I searched every name from the $100 donations to the very top ($2 million from Steven Spielberg and his wife) and guess who didn’t donate anything at all? That’s right: David Krumholtz. Not a penny.

    He lied to you about donating his salary from Woody’s movie just like he lied to you about how some “hardcore feminist group” (that he strangely doesn’t name, lol) are responsible for any comments you might hear casting doubt on his claims.

    Krumholtz calls women c***ts on Twitter, tells them to perform sex acts on him and screams in ALLCAPS that he wants to ‘sh*t down their throats’ (his actual words) when they stand up to him. He is pulling this whole “I support women against abuse!” act because he knows at some point, some journalist might just bother to actually read his twitter feed and find otherwise (well, that and because he just really, really loves publicity and praise from the very gullible press).

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