Review: “4/20 Massacre” Puff, Puff, Scream

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It’s time to kick back and smoke a bowl as we take a look at the new stoner horror film 4/20 Massacre. 4/20 Massacre is about a woman named Jess who goes out to an old childhood camping spot with a group of friends to celebrate her birthday. They soon cross paths with some growers of a special kind of crop who do not like strangers poking about. Soon these ladies find their weekend of fun turns into a weekend of fear as they fight for their lives against a killer who enjoys the chronic.

4/20 Massacre

4/20 Massacre was a lot more fun than I expected it to be, mainly because of the approach they took with this story. A number of the ladies in the group had personalities that you would normally see in male characters. It never felt like the filmmakers were saying “ooh look what we are doing”, though. The personalities still felt natural for the characters and for the narrative. I also enjoyed the design of the killer. Director and writer Dylan Reynolds keeps it simple, yet effective. The killer’s outfit is a sniper-esque camouflage that resembles foliage. This not only fit the overall “weed” theme but also fit the character as you learn more about them. Since this is a stoner-themed horror movie, many of the kills involve marijuana or marijuana paraphernalia. One of my favorite kills involved a bong and then what the killer does with the bong afterwards. The entire cast does well with the script they’re given. Some of the dialogue feels a bit cliche and forced. The relationships between the characters were also more standard than I would have liked to see.

4/20 Massacre

I really enjoyed Jamie Bernadette’s performance in here as the birthday girl who has to deal with the killer in the woods. Stacy Danger, who plays the career stoner of the group, was very entertaining. “Totally dug the vibe she was giving off man.” Jim Storm plays, *snicker* Ranger Rick. He had great screen presence, and I enjoyed every scene he was in. There is also a bit of a twist to the story which is hidden pretty well and made the ending of the film even more satisfying.

There is a very interesting soundtrack in this film made up of mostly vocal tracks. I think a complete instrumental track soundtrack would have fit better for the film but the vocal tracks that they chose were fitting for the group of friends. There are practical effects in abundance so gore whores can get their fix. The makeup effects were very effective and never came off as cheesy. Also, the location where they shot the film was beautiful while the cinematography helped convey the idea of how far away from civilization the group was, adding to the idea they were completely on their own.

4/20 Massacre it is a decent slasher film with a bit of a marijuana twist. While there are many things we have seen before, it still has a very groovy story with a particularly enjoyable ending. I recommend 4/20 Massacre to any indie horror fan it is guaranteed not to ruin your horror mellow. 4/20 Massacre is out now on DVD and VOD.


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