Review: “We Die Alone”-A Creepy Short Thriller

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One of the staples of independent cinema is the short film. This format not only allows filmmakers to hone their craft but also tell tight, condensed stories. Thanks to streaming, many of these films are breaking out of the festival circuit to reach a much wider audience. One of these short films just hit Amazon Prime and it is called We Die Alone.

We Die Alone is the story of Aidan, a single man trying to break out of his shell to meet that special someone. He is capable of talking to women online but never makes it outside of his apartment to meet them in real life. When he meets his new neighbor across the hall, he thinks this might be his opportunity to finally make a move. Unfortunately, things do not go according to plan and it takes a dark turn for both.

We Die Alone

In just twenty-four minutes, director and writer Marc Carwright delivers everything you look for in a well crafted thriller. The story and direction keeps things tight, never leaving Aidan’s side after we are introduced to him. This helps keep the audience connected whether they like the guy or not – and trust me, it doesn’t take long before you are very uncomfortable around Aidan. This is in part due to the wonderfully creepy performance by Baker Chase Powell. I have enjoyed Powell’s work since seeing him in Dismembering Christmas. He eases you into a character who has many layers that are revealed as the film goes along,and not all of those layers are nice.  Ashley Jones, who plays Aidan’s co-worker Elaine, on the other hand is very sympathetic and she really made you feel for her character as she works to get Aidan’s attention. Then there is Chelsea, portrayed by Samantha Boscarino. She played this role perfectly. I really enjoyed the exchanges between Chelsea and Aidan. The two had great chemistry together and it had me pulling for both of them that they may have finally found someone special. 

We Die Alone

The production is Hollywood quality and the music helped keep things uneasy. From start to finish, We Die Alone is engrossing, surprising and just the right length. It is definitely a showcase of talent not only for those in front of the camera but for Marc Cartwright as well. I highly recommend you seek it out, especially if you enjoy short films. 

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