The First Reactions from the Avengers: Infinity War World Premiere

The First Reactions from the Avengers: Infinity War World Premiere

The highly anticipated Avengers: Infinity War will open in theaters everywhere this Friday with early screenings on Thursday night, however, tonight was the film’s World Premiere in Hollywood. In preparation for the event, Marvel Studios shut down a portion of Hollywood Blvd to set up a three-block-long tunnel that guests walked through in order to get to the Dolby Theater. Inside the tunnel was various costumes and props from the past 10 years of Marvel movies including Thanos’ hand. It looked like quite a sight and I am sure the Marvel fans who were lucky enough to attend the premiere were in fanboy and fangirl heaven as they anxiously awaited the start of the film.

I must commend Disney and Marvel Studios for doing such a great job building the hype surrounding this film without giving anything away. I can’t wait to see the film tomorrow morning because I honestly have no idea what to expect from it. There are rumors that multiple people will die but these rumors were, of course, never confirmed by anyone even at the press conference and various interviews that took place over the weekend. There are also other rumors that with the Disney and Fox deal now underway that some of the Fox characters may show up in the film.

I still can’t believe that I sat through an hour-long press conference yesterday and didn’t get a single hint as to what I should expect from the film. The only thing I learned at the event was that there were apparently various versions of the script handed out so none of the cast knew how it all played out. While that was probably just a lie to keep their mouths shut, I would love to believe that it was the truth since it would be awesome for all these actors to experience the film as though they were fans.

Anyway, without any further delay, here are some of the first reactions from the Avengers: Infinity War World Premiere:

Be sure to come back to We Live Entertainment tomorrow at 3 pm PST because Ashley Menzel and I will have full reviews for the film as soon as the embargo lifts.  Until then, try your very best to avoid any spoilers until Thursday night when you can experience the fun for yourself.

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