Football Films to Hold You Over Until Superbowl Sunday

Football Films to Hold You Over Until Superbowl Sunday

As Superbowl weekend us upon us, here are some great films to get you in the mood!

Remember the Titans 

This was a great film that not only tackled racism and injustices but also left us with a new definition of the word “family.” Remember the Titans has been played over and over again but never loses its touch.

The Blind Side 

Another film that touches upon the idea of redefining family, The Blind Side is a spectacular story of rising above one’s situation and succeeding with your given talent and a little bit of help.

The Waterboy 

An incredibly stupid film but very memorable. It is one of Adam Sandler’s silliest films to date, and that says a lot. But, we still argue “Gatorade” or “H2O.”

Little Giants 

Little Giants has a fond place in my heart. It is one of the first football films I saw and has a nostalgic feel for me. I have not watched it in a long time for fear it would ruin the film so it can stay preserved in my mind as the film about the rag-tag misfits of football.

Silver Linings Playbook

While football is not the primary focus of Silver Linings Playbook, I would be remiss not to mention it because after all they do talk about football and it does take place in Philadelphia. Go EAGLES!


Concussion offers a somewhat different and not necessarily flattering look at football and the impact the violence has on its players. This true story is one that should be seen by everyone to understand the risks that the players are taking every time they step on the field.


Of course, we have to finish out the list with the underdog story of all underdog stories featuring the Philadelphia Eagles. Invincible tells the story of Vince Papale, the 30-year-old South Philadelphia native who at 30 years old beat all odds to end up playing for the Eagles in 1976.

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