“Furious 7” Director James Wan in Talks for “Aquaman”


by Justin Cook

Coming off of the incredibly successful film Furious 7, director James Wan has become the frontrunner to direct Warner Bros.’ upcoming Aquaman film.

Wan has prior experience working for Warner Bros., as he directed 2013’s horror film The Conjuring for the studio. He will also soon be directing The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist for Warner Bros. as well.

Aquaman will star Game of Thrones and Conan the Barbarian actor Jason Momoa as the title character. He is set to make his first appearence as Aquaman (Arthur Curry) in next year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but he has also signed on to star in a solo film within the DC Cinematic Universe. Momoa will most likely be returning as the character in 2017’s Justice League: Part One and 2019’s Justice League: Part Two as well.

As of now, Aquaman is being developed with two separate scripts, one from Gangster Squad writer Will Beall and one from 300 writer Kurt Johnstad.

In the comics, Aquaman has many super powers ranging from the ability to communicate with sea life to being able to breathe underwater to superhuman strength. The character has never been adapted for the big screen before, so his appearance in Dawn of Justice will be the first time we see a live-action version of Aquaman in a film.

Furious 7, which was released just last week, shattered records at the box office by earning $147 million in it’s opening weekend alone. The film is also perhaps the best reviewed of the series, which Wan took over after longtime Fast and Furious franchise director Justin Lin stepped down.

Wan has already directed some of the most memorable films of the past couple of years including the previously mentioned The Conjuring, Saw, Insidious and Insidious: Chapter 2. For a large part of his career he has only directed horror films, but now with Furious 7 and possibly Aquaman, it looks like he is exploring other genres as well.

Aquaman will be released on July 27, 2018.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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