Game Night Interview with Kylie Bunbury and Lamorne Morris


All this week, We Live Entertainment is celebrating the release of Warner Brothers/New Line Cinema’s Game Night which opens in theaters this Friday, February 23, 2018.

On Monday, Kit Bowen posted her interview with the film’s directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein.

The full interview can be read or watched here: Game Night Interview: Directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein

On Tuesday, Fred Topel and Kit Bowen shared their views on the film.

Fred Topel’s review: Game Night Movie Review: They Got Game

Kit Bowen’s review: Everyone’s All-In for ‘Game Night’

Today, Wednesday, February 21, 2018, Kit Bowen sits down with Game Night stars Kylie Bunbury and Lamorne Morris to discuss their thoughts on the film, being competitive, and what it was like playing a couple in the film.

Kit Bowen: Hello!

Kylie Bunbury & Lamorne Morris: Hi there.

Kit Bowen: Oh, this was fun.

Kylie Bunbury: Yay! You liked it.

Lamorne Morris: Nice.

Kit Bowen: I loved it.

Lamorne Morris: Thank you.

Kit Bowen: I have to ask you a question. How hard was it to work with this guy and keep a straight face?

Lamorne Morris: Very difficult.

Kylie Bunbury: Oh, I thought you were going to ask how hard it was to work with him in general and I was going to say…No, but he’s really funny.

Lamorne Morris: Oh thank you.

Kylie Bunbury: It was hard. It was hard at times. Actually, we would get into some laughing fits wouldn’t we?

Lamorne Morris: There were times where I would just say a random joke.

Kylie Bunbury: And I would die.

Lamorne Morris: And she would laugh.

Kylie Bunbury: And it’s on my coverage. So mean. I go stop, don’t do it, don’t do it. Or he’d give me a face.

Kit Bowen: What was the most fun scene to shoot? Or the scene where you couldn’t get through?

Lamorne Morris: The ladder. For me.

Kylie Bunbury: Yeah, I was going to say the ladder scene.

Lamorne Morris: It was difficult.

Kylie Bunbury: Well, climbing the thing to the skyroof.

Lamorne Morris: It was fun and rewarding. In fact, it was a bit challenging.

Kit Bowen: Yeah?

Kylie Bunbury: Climb it and be funny.

Lamorne Morris: Be funny, look back, do these certain things.

Kylie Bunbury: Talk to me.

Lamorne Morris: I was like, there’s a lot going on during this dance.

Kylie Bunbury: Lot of pieces.

Lamorne Morris: Lot of pieces and to watch the final product, I’m glad that it works.

Kit Bowen: Did you actually have to fall as well, or was that a stunt double?

Lamorne Morris: No, I volunteered.

Kit Bowen: Did you?

Lamorne Morris: Yeah, yeah, I volunteered.

Kit Bowen: Because you do your own stunts.

Lamorne Morris: I do my own stunts, yeah, yeah, yeah. I don’t use vests when they shoot at me, I say give me real bullets, because this is supposed to be real life. And that’s just how I chose to live.

Kylie Bunbury: Of course, of course.

Kit Bowen: So how competitive are you guys?

Kylie Bunbury: The most. I’m just very competitive. I grew up with brothers, so very, very competitive. Yeah, I don’t like to lose.

Kit Bowen: What was the most outrageous thing you have ever done in a competitive situation?

Kylie Bunbury: Screamed in someone’s face? Screamed in someone’s face and maybe hit them.

Lamorne Morris: Oh, yes.

Kit Bowen: And what kind of game were you playing, that you had to hit them?

Kylie Bunbury: It probably was basketball, or when I played soccer or something. And it was like my brothers. I’m not just hitting my friends.

Lamorne Morris: I just hit a kid from the park, I don’t know why.

Kylie Bunbury: Some random kid.

Lamorne Morris: I’m super competitive. But I’m competitive and I don’t really care about the outcome. I’m more of an in the moment competitor, meaning I want to fight and argue and scream, but if you beat me, I don’t care.

Kylie Bunbury: Afterwards you don’t care.

Lamorne Morris: Yeah, I mean I don’t care if I lose.

Kylie Bunbury: But that’s also you pretending as well. Because I’ll do that, I’ll be like, “I don’t even care about this.”

Lamorne Morris: No, I truly don’t.

Kylie Bunbury: Oh, okay.

Lamorne Morris: Because unless it’s something real, like if there’s money on the line, that’s a different story, but if were playing a board game and your going to go home.

Kylie Bunbury: I know,  it doesn’t really hold any weight.

Lamorne Morris: I’m super competitive in bowling.

Kylie Bunbury: You’re a good bowler. Wait, are you the good bowler?

Lamorne Morris: I’m a really good bowler.

Kylie Bunbury: I don’t know about that actually, hold on.

Lamorne Morris: I am.

Kylie Bunbury: Oh yeah, that’s right, you are.

Lamorne Morris: Yeah, I got 265 once.

Kit Bowen: And did you win that game?

Lamorne Morris: Yeah. I hope so. Wait, who beat me? Oh my God.

Kit Bowen:  I remember with my sister, we played Risk, I got mad, I flipped the board.

Kylie Bunbury: Yeah.

Lamorne Morris: Just tore the whole place up.

Kylie Bunbury: In your face. There’s all the pieces.

Kit Bowen: Yeah. They’re all on the ground now, no one has any allies anymore.

Kylie Bunbury: All enemies.

Kit Bowen: Screw you Australia. I’m just getting rid of this whole thing all together.

Lamorne Morris: Oh yeah.

Kit Bowen: Do you have a good poker face though?

Lamorne Morris: Do you know what? I have a good poker face but I don’t know how to play poker. That was my poker face. I’m the best at poker.

Kit Bowen: So but what is your favorite board game?

Kylie Bunbury: My favorite is Taboo.

Lamorne Morris: Jesus.

Kylie Bunbury: I love Taboo.

Kit Bowen: Why is that?

Kylie Bunbury: I’m a good guesser. And I think I’m a good clue giver. And I think I’m just good at games in general. So Taboo it is for me.

Lamorne Morris: She’s okay.

Kit Bowen: Well, that sounds good to me. This was lot of fun though. Every person is going to relate to this movie.

Kylie Bunbury: Yeah. It’s just fun.

Lamorne Morris: Nice.

Kylie Bunbury: Glad you liked it.

Game Night opens in theaters on Friday, February 23, 2018

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