Gone Girl Review by Ashley Menzel

Gone Girl

I will start out by saying that I do not like this movie. I find it full, average and uninspired.

Upon my first viewing, I have to ask myself if I am so disappointed by this film because the movie was over-hyped? Because I saw it too late at night? Because it felt too long? I’m not entirely certain. I will instead provide my opinion on the aspects of the film.

Overall, the acting was good. Ben Affleck as Nick Dunne was great, which gave me even more hope for his reboot of Batman. Rosamund Pike as Amy Dunne was incredible. Her levels of sanity and insanity were real and tangible. Neither of the characters did you feel really deserved happiness or deserved our admiration or cheering.  Because of the overall disdain for all the characters, I asked myself if that is also why I dislike the film and I can honestly say no. I appreciate the performance by these actors, but I find most fault with the story-telling.

The pacing of the film was slow. Some may argue that it added suspense but for me, it added yawns and glances around at the other mesmerized movie-goers. The build up to the important “shocking” moments were so drawn out and unsubtly alluded to that by the time it actually happened, I was praising the movie gods above and screaming “FINALLY! Now begin  your 20 minute over development of the next predictable plot point.

Now, the heart of the film really is just a commentary on the media and marriage in general. The film portrays the media as a fear monger and soulless machine but it has been done better and done much more artfully (NIGHTCRAWLER).  The funny/ironic thing about this is the fact that this film, for me, may have been ruined by the over- saturization and coverage of it by the media… hmm…

The film, for the most part did keep my attention, mostly thanks to the solid performances, but is it overly shocking and revolutionary film-making? No, not to this possibly jaded 20 something year old. Better luck next time Fincher.

Overall Rating: 5/10

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