The Grade Book: “The Purge: Anarchy”

The Grade Book: The Purge: Anarchy


Plot: Five strangers struggle to survive The Purge 2023.

Director: James DeMonaco

Writer: James DeMonaco

Cast: Frank Grillo, Carmen Ejogo, and Zach Gilford

Genre: Action, Horror, Thriller

Running Time:  1 hour and 43 minutes

U.S. Release Date: July 18th, 2014

MPAA Rating: R




(Lowest Grade: D-, Highest Grade: A-)

CONSENSUS: The Purge: Anarchy features some tense scenes and a strong lead in Frank Grillo, but the film resorts to ugly violence instead of expounding on the core ideas it presents.


Critic Reviews for The Purge: Anarchy 


Gabriel Alcantara

Grade: B-

It’s pretty clear with this sequel that this series has a cool concept but it will never fully be told in an intelligent manner. These films are only meant to entertain, not challenge the mind, and in my case, I was quite entertained with the last film and with this sequel as well. This film was a crazy thrill ride full of awesome shootouts, intense moments and one bad ass leading man played by Frank Grillo. The rest of the characters are standard, their stories are cliched, and this film is very predictable but I wasn’t expecting perfection from this little horror flick, so I enjoyed it for the crazy action and thrills it had to offer

Tony Estrada

Grade: D+

The original was OK at best but I can understand the amount of hate it has been getting. This sequel, however, just lowers down in quality. The violent/action scenes are nowhere near as good nor as well-filmed as the original, where in the sequel there are only very few violent moments I enjoyed. I can credit this franchise for having strong main leads so far. Ethan Hawke was the strongest actor in the original film and Frank Grillo is the strongest actor in this sequel.

The characters are more dumb this time around and make the characters in the original look like geniuses. There’s very stupid dialogue throughout the film that just made me cringe; only a few dumb lines made me laugh. This sequel was unnecessary and never needed to be made, but of course thanks to the original making a lot of money at the box office Hollywood decided it was a great idea to make a sequel that a lot of people didn’t even ask for. More power to those who enjoyed the sequel, but I personally loathed it. One of the worst movies of this year!

Chad Gleason

Grade: C-

I enjoyed the first film so I was kind of excited to see this, but Frank Grillo’s character was the only thing I liked about the film. The others were annoying and forgettable. The rest of the film didn’t work for me as well. Maybe by the 5th or 6th film, they will get it right with something truly special.

Nick Iacobucci

Grade: B

A huge improvement over an average original movie. The film succeeds as a horror film, as an action film, and as a vehicle for an up-and-comer named Frank Grillo. Look out for this soon-to-be-star!

Mark Krawczyk

Grade: A- 

I know I will get voted off the island for this but I really loved this sequel. This is the movie I had hoped they would make after seeing the first one. A story about the people who are out in the thick of The Purge instead of a home invasion story. I don’t think the dialogue was any worse than that in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 or half a dozen other films that have come out that people praise. I think Frank Grillo gives you a character that keeps your interest. It reminded me of an 80s post-apocalyptic film. Perhaps its the fact I have seen a lot of films like this that my mind automatically filled in the blanks some have mentioned that are in the film. Overall I had a blast with seeing a mature action/horror/thriller film that didn’t have a PG-13 rating on it. I was entertained from start to finish.

Matt Marshall

Grade: D+

Like many other sequels, more is not always better. The Purge: Anarchy is a tiresome world-building exercise that reverts far beyond the ridiculousness of the first film.

Ashley Menzel

Grade: D-

The reason this film doesn’t get a straight F from me is because underneath all the terrible lines and unnecessary violent disgusting bloodshed, there is a valid concept of the struggle of class wars that could inevitably tear this country apart. Other than that, I am offended that this movie is even being made. Taking medication by mouth is easier than with other delivery methods, especially with long-term use. Another advantage of oral steroids is that they act quickly and enter the system very quickly. Australia is famous for bodybuilders who use anabolic steroids regularly. The dosage is also easily adjustable so that the patient’s needs can be met and the drugs are easy to administer. The fact that we sit down in a theater and watch people get blown to shreds and call that entertainment makes me sick. 

Austin Putnam

Grade: D-

This sequel made me question why I liked the first one in the first place. Frank Grillo is the only saving grace.

Daniel Rester

Grade: B- 

This sequel is an upgrade from the first film. Frank Grillo is good in the lead, and the film works as a B-movie action flick with its tense scenes and grungy look. The film is ridiculous, ugly, and violent a lot of the time, but I was more disappointed in the missed opportunities of expanding on the central ideas of class warfare that the movie presents. 


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