Gradebook: 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

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13 Hours

Daniel Rester: 13 Hours: 6.7/ 10

Michael Bay turns in one of his better efforts with 13 Hours. James Badge Dale and John Krasinski lead a solid cast, though some of the characters feel like basic types. Bay’s staging of a lot of the action is well-done, backed by excellent cinematography, but the choppy editing renders a few scenes as senseless. The film is easily thirty minutes too long, repeating itself a bit too often. 13 Hours is entertaining, but I wish it was a bit more informative with its real-life politics.


13 hours

Gabriel Alcantara: 13 Hours: 8/10

A film based on a true story directed by Michael Bay and a January release. Red Flag Central. Thankfully, Bay might actually be maturing as a filmmaker, for he pulls back on his normally over-the-top action style, and give us a war film with some spectacular looking combat sequences, but in a more gritty, slightly more realistic sense. The storytelling is incoherent, the pacing is dull in the first quarter of the film, but the characters are more human than Bay’s usually goofy, over-the-top caricatures. Once the shit hits the fan, the intensity of the film never lets up. Good boy, Michael Bay. You get a gold star.


Austin Putnam: 13 Hours: 7/10

A surprisingly good, let alone decent film that Michael Bay has done. He gets rid of the dumb one liners and doesn’t toss in any political mumbo jumbo. Instead he tells a serious and gritty true story. Well done Mr. Bay. Best film in at least 2 decades.

13 hours

Chad Gleason: 13 Hours: 8/10

Enjoy it while it lasts, cause this might be the only time we ever get a great film from this director.


Tony Estrada: 13 Hours: 7/10

Michael Bay has delivered a solid war film and the amount of respect he has for the soldiers that went through this crucial event in September 2012 clearly shows. John Krasinski and James Badge Dale give very strong performances to add emotional weight to their characters and they definitely succeed at that. The war scenes clearly has the Michael Bay style but it works considering Michael Bay wants to show the brutality of the war. The camerawork does tend to get shaky from time to time which can be a distraction at times but for the most part, I’m able to get immersed into the story of these soldiers having a war in Benghazi. 13 Hours is a fresh, solid, and well-told war film with two stand-out performances, really good and brutal war scenes, solid script, and solid direction that truly does pay respect to these soldiers.


Average We Live Film Gradebook Score for 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi: 7.3

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